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How to identify true and false donkey hide gelatin? Introduction to the identification method of don

Donkey hide gelatin is made from donkey skin. It has the effects of tonifying blood, nourishing Yin, moistening dryness and hemostasis. It is known as the 'three treasures of traditional Chinese medicine' together with ginseng and pilose antler. In recent years, the effects of donkey hide gelatin on nourishing beauty, resisting sub-health and improving immunity have been widely recognized. However, there are many donkey hide gelatin and fish beads mixed in the market, so how to identify true and false donkey hide gelatin? Donkey hide gelatin true and false identification methods are introduced.

Look at the packaging

Genuine donkey hide gelatin outer packaging is professionally designed, with clear patterns and logo lines, exquisite printing, and the word "donkey hide gelatin" has an obvious concave convex feeling. Tear the package at one time and tear it along the sawtooth line on the left side of the front of the packaging box. You can see a group of 16 bit anti-counterfeiting numbers. According to the manual, you can enter the numbers by dialing the phone, writing text messages or querying on the Internet, and then you can know the authenticity. Generally, the printing of fake donkey hide gelatin outer package is rough, and there are often wrong words, missing words and registered trademark & reg; Some fake donkey hide gelatin also has anti-counterfeiting signs, but almost all anti-counterfeiting phones can't get through or prompt input errors. If the real and fake donkey hide gelatin are put together, it's clear at a glance.

Look at the product

Genuine donkey hide gelatin is a regular rectangle with the same size and thickness, flat and bright surface and uniform color. The product name is printed on the front, and the font is upright and clear, dark red; There are two regular divisions on the back of the rubber block, which are hard and brittle. Break it by hand and break it with a little force; If the rubber block is patted on the hard object, it will crack into several pieces, the section is bright, and the light is brown and translucent, without oil holes and pores. Fake donkey hide gelatin is generally dark or obviously yellow in color, with irregular rubber blocks, rough and lusterless surface, different size and thickness. The front product name is printed with paint and pigment, and the character color is mostly bright red, the handwriting is mostly fuzzy and skewed, and the characters are mostly cracked; Most of the back surfaces have no dividing lines, and those with dividing lines are irregular. Most of them are hard and not brittle. Some of them are bendable, not easy to break, not easy to break, and the section is gray black, not bright, easy to be soft and bonded, with oil holes, pores, etc.

Brand recognition

At present, there are many donkey hide gelatin brands on the market. When purchasing donkey hide gelatin, we must choose products produced by large brands, large enterprises and listed companies. Donkey hide gelatin, like other drugs, is a special commodity. The package must indicate the registered trademark, such as' dong'a donkey hide gelatin ', the manufacturer, address, approval number and functional indications. At present,' dong'a donkey hide gelatin 'is the most popular in the market, Best quality.


When the genuine rubber block is unpacked at the beginning, take a breath on the surface of the rubber block, and the smell has a faint fragrance of donkey hide gelatin. After crushing, the smell has a unique fragrance of donkey hide gelatin. Fake donkey hide gelatin has no clear fragrance, but strange smell such as fishy smell or strange smell.

Apparent solution

After the genuine rubber block is smashed, take an appropriate amount and put it into a transparent glass, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, stir and dissolve it, and place it for 1 ~ 2 minutes. There is no visible granular foreign matter in the glue solution, smell a slight unique glue smell, and there is no strange smell; Fake donkey hide gelatin has obvious fishy smell or strange smell in the aqueous solution, and some insoluble flocs will appear. Obvious granular foreign bodies are common in the glue solution after dissolution.