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QQ personal track is full of memories! How to view your QQ personal track

The new online function -- QQ personal track is full of memories! How to view your QQ personal track? This year marks the 20th anniversary of the birth of QQ. Unconsciously, this chat software has been with Chinese people for 20 years. From the early pc internet era to the current mobile Internet world, QQ shows tenacious vitality.

Recently, QQ launched the 'personal track' page, where you can see the time you joined QQ and the specific time you used it. In addition, you have changed your avatar several times, and how many friends you have grouped and groups are clearly recorded one by one.

Click on the 'personal track', the screen is full of memories, and the 'black history' of adolescence has been precipitated into beautiful memories in time.

For the post-80s and 90s, the evolution history of QQ is a youth cultivation manual. In the past 20 years, Wang erxiao's 4782 days, what do we play in QQ?

The flashing of the avatar is always accompanied by 'didi didi or cough'. When you are not on the desktop, the magical voice always urges you back to the computer, especially the 'cough' prompt tone, which always makes my father think there is someone hidden in my room.

Watching waiting for a star to become two stars, four stars to become a moon, and four moons to become a sun, how many people grow crow's feet in the process.

It is said that the smallest user who has seen this interface will be three. Even though custom avatars have long been possible, many people still use these simple avatars today.

In 2000, OICQ was officially renamed QQ, and the logo at that time was very close to the logo used now. Users can already set nicknames and avatars, but the chat interface is still very simple. Some netizens joked that people who have seen this interface may be old.

Each of those classic avatars can remind you of a primary school or junior high school classmate. Among them, which is your exclusive avatar?

I still remember that when the QQ number application channel was closed, it was also a very face-to-face thing to have a QQ number at that time.

At that time, in everyone's friends list, there was a dancing, a past with the wind, and a bunch of mysterious figures called 'crystal love, broken wing angel, Anne baby, one meter sunshine, kiss smile, fate sky, walking in the clouds, and kindness like water'.

Giving QQ a name has always been a university question. There is not only a specially named website, but also everyone racked their brains in order to name it.

In those days, a large number of 'gentle boys' and' crystal girls' hid behind the big head computer, chatted excitedly with netizens and expressed their feelings to each other, and a group of members with 'buried love № family' hung around a QQ group in a unified nickname format to plan the big events of the family.

In 2006, QQ space began to transform to dress up space. How many people filled the green diamond with the most fashionable board and favorite space scene music, and the space signature had to be Martian.

To tell you the truth, the popularity of our post-90s Martian literature did not lose the post-00s slang.

In addition, the hungry Q pet, the QQ farm that steals vegetables in the middle of the night, the drifting bottles filled with secret QQ mailboxes, the QQ flying car that bumps into the south wall and doesn't look back, the DNF that starts on the line, and the popular QQ farm that steals vegetables & hellip& hellip;

As long as it is the latest version of QQ, after opening it, you will see a view of personal track in the middle of the interface.