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What a beautiful specimen of eternal plants! Let's do it by ourselves!

Do you envy those eternal plant specimens made by other Bi people? In fact, as long as we learn the method, everyone can make a good-looking plant specimen. It can be your bookmark and your Memorial. No matter how long it takes, it still exists. So how to make some simple plant specimens quickly? Let's study together!

First of all, we need to collect materials first. Generally, the collection of plant materials should not be too thick and thin. For leaves, you can choose some thin plants such as maple leaf, clover, etc., for flowers, you can choose some dry plants such as starfish and crimson, and for fruits, you can choose dry fruits or seeds such as Sargasso, barley, corn, etc.

Step 2: after collecting the materials, we spread the collected materials on the table, clamp them on both sides with absorbent paper, and then put them in a thick book, wait for a week or so, make them flat enough, put them out in a ventilated place to air, evaporate the water, so as to facilitate our later better production and preservation.

Step 3: we can start to design the style of the plant specimen. Sometimes it's not just a single leaf or a petal. We can mix and match them properly and harmoniously. Then paste them on the prepared cardboard with glue. You can write a poem, a lyric or one of your own feelings next to them. It's very meaningful to read them in the future.

The fourth step is to seal the plants and cardboard with a plastic sealing machine, so that they can be preserved for a long time, and they will not be damaged casually. You can put it in your book or collect it. Is it even in a good mood?