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How does the heart always be difficult to calm down? What are the ways to calm your heart quickly?

There are always some people who can't calm down. Some people are naturally irascible. It's hard for them to calm down when they encounter a little unpleasant thing. Being irascible not only hurts themselves, but also others. We live in a fast-paced era, there is no time to practice meditation, so how can we make our hearts quickly calm down and not do impulsive things? Come and have a look!

First of all, you can temporarily escape from the fast-paced life, do something you have never tried to do, go to a place you have never been to, do not walk in a hurry, feel the details of life, feel all kinds of beautiful things in life, which can make our heart quieter faster.

Second, go to a local temple, feel the Sanskrit sound, walk slowly in it for several circles, observe the passers-by, see how they go to worship with a devout heart, and feel the atmosphere with their heart. After a period of persistence, you will find that your mood has become more calm and natural.

Third, you can travel, defend your mind, go far or near, as long as it is a place you are not familiar with. For example, Tibet and Inner Mongolia, looking at the vast land, do you feel how small you are, how long life is, and many things will be floating.

Fourth, you can practice calligraphy. You can also cultivate your body and mind. It is recommended that you practice soft pen calligraphy, copy some heart sutras and Buddhist scriptures. If you copy them, you will find that your heart is naturally quiet. At ordinary times, we should treat our gains and losses in life in a natural way, so that we can quickly calm down.