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Is electronic cigarette harmful? Which is more harmful, e-cigarette or cigarette

E-cigarette is an electronic product that imitates cigarettes. It has the same appearance, smoke, taste and feeling as cigarettes. It is a product that allows users to smoke after nicotine is turned into steam by means of atomization. So, is electronic cigarette harmful? Which is more harmful, e-cigarette or cigarette?

Is electronic cigarette harmful

There is no doubt that e-cigarettes are harmful. There are three main components of electronic cigarette smoke: Vegetable Glycerin (extracted from vegetables), food flavors (almost 90% food in the market) and nicotine. However, the above is aimed at authentic tobacco oil, mainly taking the tobacco oil of the United States, Germany and Britain as the first echelon; Malaysia and China are the second echelon. China's is also very special, because China's tobacco and oil are divided into OEM and independent. Many imported oil, especially American oil, will be OEM in China. In the past, foreign consumption was large, and now China's consumption gradually ranks first. Therefore, many factories turn to export for domestic sales. Therefore, you should still buy genuine tobacco oil. Don't be greedy for cheap.

E-cigarette was originally invented in China. It was first invented by China's Ruyan company. At first, it was used for foreign trade export, and then it was gradually used as a substitute for cigarettes. Under normal circumstances, e-cigarette is healthier than cigarette, because it does not burn and is based on the principle of high-temperature atomization. Therefore, there is no tar, no carbon oxide, no second-hand smoke and no carcinogens produced by traditional cigarettes.

Which is more harmful, e-cigarette or cigarette

According to experts, e-cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, e-cigarettes have no harmful substances such as hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, tar, lead, carbon dioxide, arsenic, acrolein and mercury, so they will not have any impact on health. In addition, its nicotine solution is atomized to form an aerosol, which will be quickly diluted in the air, while the low-density aerosol is difficult to be absorbed again, so it will not form second-hand smoke. Therefore, e-cigarettes will not endanger the health of smokers and people around them.

In addition, many e-cigarettes on the market claim that they can quit smoking successfully in 7 days and refund if they fail. They unilaterally exaggerate the auxiliary role of e-cigarettes in quitting smoking and boast that e-cigarettes can quit smoking after smoking. As a result, many smokers buy them with high psychological expectations and wrong understanding. After use, they find that they are not as magical as they say in the publicity, So he was extremely disappointed and had a great misunderstanding about the product. He lit the paper cigarette in his hand again and returned to the embrace of harmful cigarettes, which greatly reduced the enthusiasm and confidence to quit smoking.