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What day is father's day? What's a good gift for Dad on father's day

Father's Day originated in the United States. Father's Day is a special day to thank your father throughout the year. Father's Day dates vary from country to country. What day is father's day? What's the best gift for Dad on father's day?

What day is father's day

The third Sunday in June of the Gregorian calendar is father's day every year. Father's day in Taiwan, China is August 8.

February 13: Russia. March 17: Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain (St. Joseph's day). May 7: Korea (parents' day). May 31: Germany. June 4: Denmark. First Sunday in June: Lithuania. The second Sunday in June: Austria, Belgium. The third Sunday in June: China, Singapore, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela Zimbabwe. June 20: Bulgaria. June 23: Nicaragua, Poland. Last Sunday in July: Dominican Republic. August 8: Taiwan, China. The second Sunday in August: Brazil. The first Sunday in September: New Zealand, Australia. The second Sunday in November: Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden. December 5: Thailand (Bhumibol & middot; King Abdul's birthday).

What's the best gift for Dad on father's day

What to give on father's day? Choose the right gift according to your father's age, preferences and career.

Razor: the old-fashioned razor used by dad is laborious. It looks uncomfortable. It should have been eliminated long ago, but dad is reluctant to buy a new one. This father's day, buy dad a fully automatic razor to shave easily and keep young. Dad is easy to use, and when he uses it every day, he looks at the gifts bought by his children and feels happy.

Tea set: my father likes to drink tea. Sending a set of tea set or a bag of good tea is very popular, generous, decent and practical. The most important thing is to give gifts. If your father likes drinking, don't give tea. Similarly, if you like raising flowers, you can buy his favorite flowers and plants; If you like fishing, you can buy a set of professional fishing gear; If you like calligraphy, it's good to send a set of pen, ink, paper and inkstone.

Father's deep, so that when he received the gift, he was still very calm, did not show too much of his rich feelings. But that doesn't mean he doesn't like your gift. If you really want to give your father a unique gift, you have to take some time to learn about his interests and his life. Interests: think about what your father likes to do when he is free. The gift that can be given according to his interest must be the one that suits his heart most. Experience: find out what his father likes most or unforgettable in his life experience. Choosing gifts related to his life course will make his father very excited and happy. Feeling: if possible, you should give something nostalgic. It will remind you and your father of the good times you spent together. You can also learn what your father's dream was when he was young. A gift related to a dream that your father failed to realize or has realized, will let him know that you care about him and you know him. Practical: give gifts that are of practical use and can make his life better. For example, he wants to buy beautiful clothes, health products, etc. The gifts should make the father feel both practical and innovative, such as massage chairs and so on. However, you don't have to give expensive gifts to your father. Your father cares more about your heart and the deep love represented by the gift. As long as there is this, your father will be satisfied. He will have a happy holiday.