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What happened when the car was blocked by neighbors for 42 days? I've already smashed the car when I

Original title: what happened when the car was blocked by neighbors for 42 days? What if the car is blocked by neighbors for 42 days?

Mr. Wang, who lives in a community in Mishi community, Hangzhou, has been parked downstairs for 42 days since April 17.

Blocking the exit of the road is the neighbor Mr. Li's car.

The red circle in the picture shows Mr. Wang's car, and the white car at the corner is Mr. Li's car. Surging reporter Lu Meitu

"I didn't block his car for no reason, because the other party's car moving phone seriously affected my work and sent abusive text messages. I will go to the police station to mediate this evening, hoping to solve the matter. " On the afternoon of May 29, Mr. Li, the traffic jam, told surging news ().

Mr. Li now agreed to mediation because the matter was reported on the front page of a Hangzhou newspaper on the 29th. He said that many media have found the Chinese medicine clinic where he works, and the clinic has asked him to stop.

In an interview with surging news, Mr. Wang, who was blocked, said: "mediation tonight, I can apologize for the SMS, but he also wants to apologize for the traffic jam."

They live in the same building. Mr. Li lives on the second floor and bought a car in 2015; Mr. Wang lives on the fourth floor and bought a car in 2017. Because of the tight parking space, several cars of the residents of this building can only park at a narrow 'l' shaped intersection downstairs.

Both told surging news that their neighbors had been at peace with each other after parking. " A few months ago, in the winter, Mr. Wang called to move the car. I rode an electric car for 45 minutes to move it. " Mr. Li said.

"Usually, the car that is often driven is parked outside, and the car that is not often driven is parked inside. If you want to go out of the car, make a phone call or change your position the night before. " Mr. Wang said that he usually uses his car on weekends, so he often parks in it.

At the entrance and exit of the community, the front car is Mr. Li's car and the inside is Mr. Wang's car. Surging reporter Lu Meitu

Mr. Li doesn't drive very often. His house has been renovated for nearly half a year and he doesn't live, but the car is still parked here.

The trigger of this incident was the contradiction of moving cars on April 17.

"At 3:30 p.m. that day, I received a call from Mr. Wang while sitting in the clinic, asking me to move the car quickly. I said I couldn't leave at work. I'll move right after work. Just hung up, I called again and asked me to be absent from work to move the car. I said it couldn't work. Then he called again and asked me to call an online car appointment and send the car keys back. I didn't think it was reasonable. I hoped the other party would wait until five or six o'clock, but the other party kept calling, and I didn't answer it again. " Mr. Li said that he was a doctor in a traditional Chinese medicine clinic and needed to concentrate on watching, hearing and asking. The patients were very dissatisfied with the constant phone calls and went to the office to complain on the spot.

But Mr. Wang denied that he had proposed to let the other party 'absenteeism and move the car'. He said that his sister was anxious to borrow a car to Jiangsu to talk about business that day, so she even called. That day, my sister didn't see Mr. Li until 6:30 p.m. and finally had to take a ride.

'we have to wait until work on weekdays to move the car. Everyone has always been like this. In February, my mother in my hometown had a car accident. I hurried back. I only called Mr. Wang to move the car. He also said he would wait for work. " Mr. Li said that the reason why he didn't move the car after work that day was the decision to answer the phone continuously and be angry with patients' complaints.

Mr. Li said that he also received a number of abusive messages from Mr. Wang and his sister that night, 'the words were very ugly and unpleasant to the ear, and threatened me not to go out after stopping in. I was even more angry. I didn't move at all and added his mobile phone number to the blacklist. "

Mr. Wang said that his sister did not answer the phone from the afternoon to the evening, and did send abusive text messages.

After half a month, Mr. Li didn't return to the community, and Mr. Wang couldn't contact Mr. Li by telephone.

In early May, Mr. Wang reported to the Hangzhou '12345' hotline and the rice community contacted Mr. Li for mediation.

"He said the situation on the 17th on the phone, asked Mr. Wang to apologize and promised not to park in front of his car in the future." Han Xiaolei, a community worker, told surging news that Mr. Wang said he could apologize for the SMS, but he could not guarantee not to stop. After two or three telephone communications, Mr. Li no longer answered the phone of the community.

In mid May, Mr. Wang reported to the police station under his jurisdiction that the police called Mr. Li to the scene for mediation. " He promised to come back at 7 pm. I didn't come until more than 8 pm, and the police didn't answer the phone again. " Mr. Wang said that after the stalemate for so long, he just wanted both sides to calm down, apologize and sit down to talk about how to stop the car.

Mr. Wang told surging news that he had to ask his friends to borrow a car when he was on a business trip for more than a month. When his son went to the training class at the weekend, he could only take a taxi, and each round trip was more than 100 yuan. "It rained very heavily at the weekend. He didn't get a car in half an hour, so he had to take an electric car to send his son."

These 42 days, Mr. Li was not comfortable. He had planned to go back to his hometown on May Day because he was angry and couldn't drive away.

Mr. Wang said that when he was angry, he really wanted to smash the other party's car with bricks or ask the trailer to tow away, but he calmed down and thought it would be solved in a reasonable way.