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Where can I take my children on children's day? Top ten popular theme parks in China

This year's June 1 children's Day is just in time for the weekend, so that children and their families can enjoy their parents' leisure time together. Many parents are too busy to work with their children at work. It's better to take this opportunity to see where children can play with children's day. The top ten popular theme parks in China are recommended.

Anaya Club Med joyview Resort

In this resort in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, all rooms of the hotel look at the sea. Although the room is not large, the scenery of the sea view room is really beautiful. The supporting facilities of the hotel are very complete, including hot springs and KTV. Importantly, the hotel is close to the beach. The sand is fine and soft. It is suitable for walking together. As for the auditorium and library near the hotel, it is also a net red punch in place. Against the background of the blue sky and the sea, the photos are particularly photogenic.

Zhuhai xingledu & middot; Hengqin Camping Park

RV Theme Room

The park is located in Hengqin, Zhuhai, with its back against xiaohengqin mountain. Naturally, the environment is unspeakable. There are different theme rooms in the park: RV, industrial villa, wild luxury tent, wooden house, etc. If you live in an RV, the layout will make you feel like living in a real RV. Because RV is generally difficult to decide, many people will choose to live in containers and tents. These theme rooms have good scenery and good air. There is also a lawn outside each room. You can choose to eat here during the day and have a barbecue at night. It is cost-effective. However, pay attention to prevent mosquito bites.

Amusement facilities for all ages

There are sand pit Relic Park, children's amusement park and other full-age playing facilities in the park, as well as a basketball court. Children can not only run wild in nature and leave their footprints on the soft beach, but also go to the nearby Chimelong ocean kingdom to see marine life.


Go (kind organizer) is one of the special highlights of Club Med resort. They can bring you to play and make you happy. They will bring you fantastic Hippie performances, tell the children the story of the resort, and take the children to rock climbing and golf. There are also Zen swimming pools, hot springs and children's clubs loved by children. Children under the age of 4 can enjoy hosting services. There are children's favorite building blocks, dinosaur books, colored pen paintings and so on. During the children's day, the holiday village restaurant will also give some small gifts to the children.

Hangzhou Roots Resort

Hotel internal rooms

People who have been to this manor will say that the gate is really hard to find. Because the hotel is relatively hidden. It is located at the entrance of Jiuxi eighteen streams and Jiuxi scenic spot of West Lake. It is adjacent to Wuyun mountain in the north, Qiantang River in the south, Liuhe tower in the East and national river tourist resort in the West. Surrounded by scenic spots, the environment is not bad.

Where's dad? Set in the manor

But many people who bring their children here usually fall in love with the animals here. Since it became the location of "where's dad going", the manor has become more and more popular. Walking in the manor, you may inadvertently encounter alpacas, ponies, peacocks, rabbits, etc. while watching, you feed them with snacks, so as to experience the fun of harmonious coexistence between people and animals. In addition, there are many projects suitable for children to play in the manor. In the children's paradise, children can go to the pottery workshop to make handmade pottery, play games and experience Tai Chi activities.

Zhejiang Taihu dragon dream Diamond Hotel

Hotel Exterior

Dragon dream Diamond Hotel is close to the 70 meter deep blue mineral lake. In the lobby, you can watch the golden tiger closely and have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake. The hotel is just the beginning of this fun trip. Next, there are many interesting places to explore. As a large resort with star hotels, ancient towns, animal world, marine world, wetland park and bars, Taihu can definitely play a full and happy place on the two day of the children's day.

Golden Tiger

In the performance beer bar of Diamond Hotel, you can see the romantic and passionate song and dance show "dream diamond", which is a large-scale song and dance show performed by pure foreign actors. It is beautiful and worth seeing.

In the Dragon dream scenic area of Taihu Lake, you can hum a little song and drive a car around the animal world. Along the way, you can see all kinds of wild animals, such as naughty brown bears, domineering white lions, vigorous leopards, cute giraffes and so on. Of course, these are what children like. A real wildlife meeting will begin here. If you are interested in hot-air balloons, you can also go to the big lawn of dragon dream paradise, where romantic 'hot-air balloons' will fly from time to time. You don't have to go to Turkey. Here, you can take your children to complete your dream of taking hot-air balloons.

Atlantis Sanya Hotel

Hotel Exterior

Since its opening last year, Atlantis Sanya has attracted much attention because the hotel's marine culture is really charming. For ordinary consumers, the online Red undersea suite of Atlantis Hotel may be a little expensive. But if you want to get close to marine life, you can go to the aquarium and dolphin bay. If you like playing with water, you can go to the water world.


The aquarium in the aquarium has a glass curtain wall about 3-4 floors high. There are millions of underwater creatures, sharks, manta rays and all kinds of small fish swimming here. The children standing in front of the aquarium will certainly want to say hello to the fish swimming around in front of them.

If you like dolphins and sea lions, you must go to dolphin bay. Unlike other aquariums, you can only watch dolphin performances from a distance. Here, each performance is only open to 1-2 families, and each tourist can enjoy VIP treatment. The important thing is that you can have a sweet and close contact with dolphins and sea lions here.

Water park

Since it has unique marine cultural characteristics, of course, there are many facilities that can play with water. The water park here has both thrilling transparent pipes and mini slides with different lengths of scenes. I believe children of all ages can find their own happiness there.