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What does rain girl have no melon mean? What stem? Amusement Prince expression package summary

Rain girl without melon means nothing to do with you. It comes from the homonym of these four words. It comes from the TV series "Balala little devil Fairy". Is this idiom very popular recently? Many netizens also made the rain girl melon of the amusement prince into an expression bag!

In the play, the amusement Prince speaks with a strong accent. One of the words he often says is that it has nothing to do with you. Funny netizens say this sentence with the homonym 'rain girl without melon' and make it into an expression bag. Why is the stem of a long-standing TV play hot again? It turned out that the prince of amusement got married two days ago. This topic boarded the hot search and caused hot discussion. Then the prince of amusement sent an expression package 'rain girl has no melon' and denied the rumor of marriage.

The prince of amusement is a character in the little magic fairy of Balala. He is wearing blue clothes and a mask. I always thought he was He Rundong when I was a child. He is always in Xiaolan. Xiaolan is a little magic fairy inside. When he is hurt, he stands up and saves the United States.

Over time, Xiaolan was curious about him.

One day at the door of the classroom, the amusement Prince and Xiaolan stood face to face. It would have been a romantic idol drama. As a result, Xiaolan asked, 'why do you always wear a mask'. The amusement prince was stunned for three seconds and raised his head to answer 'rain girl has no melon'.

Therefore, 'rain girl without melon' does not mean no melon to eat, but 'it has nothing to do with you'.

Rain girl no melon expression bag

As part of the memories of his childhood after 1990, there is a character named amusement prince in the play. He is wearing a blue uniform and a patterned mask. He is a prince with high and cold character.

The actor of the amusement Prince is called Yuan Qifeng. It is learned from Du Niang encyclopedia that he is a Taiwanese film and television actor, so his Mandarin pronunciation may not be standard. Gao Leng often says' it has nothing to do with you '. His strange accent makes the people sound like' rain girl without melon '.

In addition to 'rain girl without melon', the amusement prince also has a lot of honey accents, which makes the lines sound strange and funny. The up master makes a video to summarize the collection of various characteristic lines of the amusement Prince:

The famous lines were all made into expression packs by netizens:

ride on a bicycle

Why are you like this

I want you to take care of it

So the source of 'rain girl without melon' is so simple & hellip& hellip;

Although I didn't know what it meant at the beginning, I listened more and gradually wanted to 'repeat'. This is the essence of stem communication, so I said that human nature is a repeater!