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Where can I watch the debate of Chinese and beautiful anchor at the live broadcast entrance of Chine

On May 22, Liu Xin, the host of cgtn, refuted the remarks of Trish Regan, the female anchor of fox business channel, who advocated the "economic war" against China. Then Trish Regan said that there would be a trade debate, and Liu Xin readily agreed. Today, the debate officially begins. Come on! Liu Xin!

At more than 6 o'clock this morning, anchor Liu Xin had arrived at the unit and began to make up. Liu Xin said: 'there is no special preparation for the opening speech. Follow your feelings'.

The studio of China National Radio and television (cgtn) is ready

This debate has attracted much attention, and netizens are very concerned. Tell the American audience the truth of the friction and pass on China's position to the American audience. Come on, Liu Xin! The truth will only become clearer and clearer!

Liu Xin walks into the studio

Summary of key points of negotiation between cgtn anchor Liu Xin and fox anchor

1. Liu Xin's opening remarks: Thank you very much Trish. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I never thought I could have a direct dialogue with you.

2. Liu Xin's opening speech in less than 30 seconds was interrupted by Trish at least three times.

3. Trish: can you tell us your personal views on the current Sino US trade negotiations?

Liu Xin: I don't have any inside information, so I don't know what the trade negotiations between China and the United States have reached, but I think the Chinese government has made their position very clear.

4. Liu Xin talked about intellectual property: if you are willing to spend money to buy our intellectual property for the purpose of mutual benefit and mutual learning, I don't think there is any problem. Why not? We can benefit each other. Personally, I study English because I have an American teacher and I study with American friends.

5. Liu Xin: some people do say that China has become so strong. Why can't China grow up like an adult? For us, China doesn't always want to be a weak country. We also want to become strong, but the real purpose is how you define developing countries.

6. The cross sea dialogue ended at 8:43:58 Beijing time.

7. In her concluding remarks, Liu Xin welcomed Trish to China.