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In 2020, the new Apple phone and the new iPhone will be equipped with an upgraded touch ID and 5g

What will the new Apple phone look like in 2020? Some analysts have previously said that there are relatively few design changes for the iPhone this year, and more substantive updates will be made for the iPhone in 2020. Recently, according to foreign media CNET, Apple's latest patent shows that the iPhone will be equipped with an upgraded touch ID and 5g in 2020.

Apple's purchase of 5g baseband chips for the 5g iPhone from Qualcomm and Samsung actually has three advantages: first, the strength of Qualcomm and Samsung in the chip market is beyond doubt, which can effectively reduce the supply risk; Second, reduce costs; Third, the reconciliation is a partnership, so it can improve Apple's bargaining power.

Although there are many rumors about the on-screen fingerprint scanning technology of the new iPhone, Apple's latest patent almost confirms the plan that the 'upgraded touch ID' may return.

According to industry chain news, Apple's new fingerprint unlocking technology should not be put into mass production before 2020, but everything is possible in 2020 or after. Look forward to it.

According to the disclosure of South Korean media etnews, the new iPhone in 2020 will all adopt flexible OLED panels, which will be provided by Samsung, BOE and LGD, of which Samsung is the main supplier and BOE and LGD are second-line suppliers. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time BOE has participated in iPhone screen supply.

Meanwhile, apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo (Guo Mingchi) said that the upcoming new iPhone is likely to support two-way charging and a larger battery.