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How to identify the authenticity of honey? Method for distinguishing true and false honey

Honey has been a very popular nutrient since ancient times. It can not only supplement fructose and trace elements for the human body, but also maintain health and beauty, delay physical aging, and enhance the disease resistance of the human body. However, these are the effects of real honey. If people buy fake honey products, they will not have these health effects, So when you buy honey, you must pay attention to the identification of its authenticity.

How to identify the authenticity of honey

1. Taste

To identify the true and false honey, we can start from its taste, because there are obvious differences in taste between real natural honey and fake honey. Those with good quality, real natural honey has pure taste and light flower fragrance. When people taste it, they will feel that it has no strong sweet taste, and there will be a light sour taste after eating, but the fake honey has a heavy sweet taste, There was no floral or sour smell.

2. Texture

When identifying the authenticity of honey, you can also start from the texture of honey. The texture of natural honey with good quality is thick, while the texture of honey with poor quality or mixed with chemicals is relatively thin. Real honey is put in a glass bottle, the mouth of the bottle is down, and then stand it upright. After this action, you will find that there is a lot of honey on the bottle wall, while those fake honey will quickly flow to the bottom, and there is very little honey left on the bottle wall.

Method for distinguishing true and false honey

1. Look at the crystal

You can also look at the crystallization of honey when distinguishing whether honey is true or false, because honey is a special food with crystallization characteristics. Although different honey varieties have different crystallization temperatures, their characteristics after crystallization are the same. The texture of real high-quality honey is relatively soft after crystallization, and put it in your hand, When gently twisting with two fingers, it will feel delicate and easy to melt, but those fake honey will feel obviously granular when twisted between fingers after crystallization.

2. Look at bubbles and moisture content

When identifying the authenticity of honey, you can also see the bubbles in honey, because real honey contains a large number of active enzymes. People shake it hard. After honey, a large number of bubbles will appear in the middle, and these bubbles will disappear after a long time, but fake honey does not have this characteristic. The water content of real and fake honey is also different. After real honey drops on the water, it will be beaded and difficult to melt, while the water content of fake honey is relatively high. After dropping it on white paper, it will soon faint.