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The latest quick tiling method blinds me

The former construction workers were really hard-working. It was a very delicate job to measure everything by hand. But it was because of them that Chinese architecture could be so famous in the world. With the progress of the times, people use various principles to invent a lot of machines, which not only improve the efficiency without losing precision, but also make the workers not so hard. Today we will learn about the latest quick tiling method.

The ceramic tile must be selected first. Choose the most appropriate tiles according to the area of the house, so that the last row of tiles will not be cut, and the whole house looks more perfect. After the ceramic tile is purchased, it should be treated. The side to be pasted should be soaked and the front side should be dry, so that it is not easy to break when knocking the ceramic tile. Before tiling, be sure to keep the wall or ground flat, or after tiling, it will not look like high, low and low. You can also pull a horizontal line and a vertical line on the wall, so that when you stick the tiles, the two lines will not skew. The first tile is fixed, and then it's not so hard.

Now many people don't stick to wall tiles very much, like to stick up wallpaper, because wallpaper doesn't like and can be replaced, and the price is cheap, very suitable for renting houses. What are the steps and problems to be paid attention to when pasting wallpaper. First of all, we should remove the original paint on the wall, and then brush gypsum powder on the wall to make the wall more smooth. Then, we should stick bandages on the wall, and then cut the wallpaper. When cutting the wallpaper, we should pay attention not to cut it just, but should be a little longer. Then brush the glue on the wallpaper. Here, we must pay attention to ensure that the glue is applied to every place. When pasting, we should stick it from top to bottom, and scrape off the bubbles with a scraper.

No matter when we paste tiles or wallpaper, we must make preparations before we start. Otherwise, we will be in a hurry. When we paste the first piece or the first piece, don't worry. Everything is difficult at the beginning. If we do it at the beginning, it's not difficult at the back. We can paste it very quickly.