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South Korean players stepped on the trophy after winning China, and the national football team rose

At 19:00 Beijing time on May 29, China U18 competed with South Korea U18 in the third round of the panda cup. In the first half, Guoqing was slightly passive. Tao Qianglong and Liang Shaowen successively made threats. In the second half, Huang Zaihuan performed a hat trick. Finally, China lost 3-0 to South Korea U18. China U18 lost all three games and scored zero goals, which is also the worst record in this event. South Korea U18 won the championship.

After the game, according to the photographer "binghe Baibing", the South Korean team made insulting actions to the trophy when celebrating the championship. Binghe Baibing wrote on his personal social platform: the South Korean youth team treated the panda Cup championship trophy like this, and the team members peed on the trophy. The team members couldn't watch it anymore and stopped the crazy behavior of the team member, Unfortunately, I didn't take it.

Subsequently, all members of the South Korean team and members of the coaching team held a temporary press conference to bow and apologize to all fans and participating teams for their mistakes. The players concerned read out a letter of apology in person.

For the South Korean players stepping on the trophy after winning China in the 'Panda Cup', South Korean U18 coach Kim Jong soo apologized: 'first of all, I want to apologize for what happened. This is entirely my fault. We hope that the football associations of the two countries can maintain friendly relations. Our players will not make similar moves. We apologize again. We have hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.'

Chengdu Football Association released a microblog response on the 29th, saying that South Korean players and teams must make a public written apology. The following is the full text of Chengdu Football Association microblog:

In view of the indecent actions made by the South Korean players after the cup, the organizing committee declares as follows:

1. The player's behavior is a serious insult to the panda cup. The organizing committee has made solemn representations and protests to the Korean youth team for the first time. At present, the Korean team leader has made an oral apology and reported the matter to the Korean Football Association. We will have a further explanation on the matter. Our attitude is very clear. The player and the team must make a public written apology.

2. The player's behavior is detrimental to the sportsmanship. It is not only an insult to the panda cup, but also an insult to all participating countries, all staff and all spectators. We do not welcome such players to participate.

3. The champion trophies of the previous panda cup will be placed in the Football Museum of the Football Association of the host country. The organizing committee does not know why the player insults the trophy of great significance belonging to his own country.

4. The panda cup has been held for the sixth time this year and has become an international well-known brand event in China. Many countries are willing to sign up and apply to participate in the event. We welcome teams with superb skills and sportsmanship to participate, rather than those who violate sportsmanship and spirit.

Panda Cup Organizing Committee

May 29, 2019