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What happened to Shanghai Mobile? Netizens are boiling

What happened to Shanghai Mobile? Netizens are boiling. According to the news on May 29, at about 11:20 noon, a number of Shanghai netizens said on their microblog that Shanghai Mobile collapsed, could not access the network using mobile 4G, and even couldn't get through to 10086. Some users also went to the official microblog of Shanghai Mobile for inquiry.

According to the netizens who successfully entered 10086, Shanghai Mobile said that it was in emergency repair and needed to wait patiently, so don't be careful. It's a problem with its own mobile phone. It is expected that it will be repaired in a short time.

Official response of Shanghai Mobile:

Dear customer


At about 11:10 on May 29, Shanghai mobile network was abnormal, and the business experience of some users was affected. After emergency treatment, all Internet services were restored at about 11:20. At present, the voice calls of a small number of users are affected and are gradually recovering. Shanghai Mobile sincerely apologizes to the customers affected during this period. We will adhere to the concept of customer-oriented and service-oriented, continue to optimize the network, improve customer perception and provide better services for customers.

China Mobile Communications Group Shanghai Co., Ltd

May 29, 2019