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FedEx will transfer Huawei packages to the United States! It turned out to contain important documen

FedEx will transfer Huawei packages to the United States! It turned out to contain important documents. No wonder. According to Reuters on the 28th, Huawei said it was reviewing its partnership with FedEx Corp. Huawei said that recently, without explanation, the American Express company transferred two Huawei packages to the United States and tried to transfer the other two packages to the United States.

It is reported that Huawei told Reuters on Friday that FedEx recently sent two packages from Japan to Huawei in China to the United States, and tried to transfer the other two packages from Vietnam to Huawei's other regional offices in Asia to the United States. These acts are unauthorized. Huawei provided images tracked by FedEx. Huawei said that the four packages contained only documents and 'no technology' related information.

According to the express tracking records, the two parcels sent to Huawei from Tokyo on May 19 and May 20 were originally scheduled to be delivered to Huawei on May 23, but they were sent to Memphis, Tennessee. The other two packages sent from Hanoi, Vietnam on May 17 were originally planned to be transported to Huawei's offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, but were intercepted after arriving at the local FedEx stations in Hong Kong and Singapore on May 21 because of 'abnormal delivery'. According to FedEx's website, status' abnormal 'means that unexpected events hinder the delivery of packages, such as customs delays, holidays or no one accepts delivery. FedEx declined to disclose exceptions to the case and said it had not received any other requests.

However, according to an e-mail provided by Huawei to Reuters, on May 22, a customer service representative of FedEx in Vietnam said in response to their inquiry that he had received the relevant notice from the U.S. head office asking to save the package and return it to the United States. Therefore, the goods were not delivered to the consignee, but were detained. Huawei told Reuters that both parcels in Vietnam were sent by its freight forwarders, including emergency documents. According to the FedEx tracking record provided by Huawei, Huawei has received one package from Vietnam and the other is on the way.

Huawei spokesman Joe Kelly told Reuters: "some recent experiences show that important business documents sent by FedEx have not been delivered to the destination, but have been transferred to FedEx in the United States or required to be transferred to FedEx, which weakens our confidence." He also said that due to the direct consequences of these events, it will be necessary to re-examine the cooperative relationship with FedEx.

Huawei said it had filed a formal complaint with China's postal regulatory authorities, which were investigating the incident.

In response, FedEx spokesman Maury Donahue told Reuters that the packages were "sent by mistake" and FedEx did not receive any other requests. FedEx said: 'this is an isolated problem, limited to a very small number of packages.'

As early as the 23rd of this month, FedEx said on its official microblog that the recent news spread on social media platforms that FedEx confiscated customers' shipments and transferred them to the United States for inspection was seriously inconsistent with the facts.

According to previous reports, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a statement on the 15th that Huawei and its 70 affiliated enterprises are being included in the U.S. 'entity list', and Huawei is prohibited from obtaining components and related technologies from U.S. enterprises without the approval of the U.S. government. Subsequently, on the 20th, the United States said it would delay the implementation of the ban on Huawei for 90 days until mid August.