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The quickest way to get sick is not to worry about yourself

As the saying goes: 'haste is not speed', it's just for good things, bad things, to be done in minutes. There are thousands of ways to get sick as quickly as possible.

Take a cold for example. You can make a healthy person catch a cold quickly. In summer, blow for several hours to the cold air conditioner. When you come back from the sun, sweat all over your body. Take a bath with cold water and have a cold drink. Let alone in winter, wear summer clothes, walk in the cold wind, or often stay with people who have a bad cold, do exercise, sweat, stand at the tuyere and blow dozens of minutes of sweat, which is effective.

Apart from the cold, there is also a stomachache. There are few people who can't get sick quickly because they overeat, support their stomachs, eat junk food, spicy peppers, don't eat meals, eat instant noodles, have no regular life, turn black and white upside down, and have different stomachs.

But why do we waste our bodies like this? It's not only hard for us, but also for our parents to know it. Healthy, positive people, all pursue physical health, fitness, all want to stay away from disease. Now many people are suffering from major diseases and can't be cured. Some people are helpless because they don't have money to cure them. So we can't spoil our healthy body. Because we protect our body, work hard when we are young and have a sunny heart, we can naturally see the beauty of life.

Now there are many people in the world who are on the edge of hard life, but they do not give up, but try to live. They have a good world in their heart. It is the good world you have now. You are not qualified and have the right to live up to this happy life. So live a healthy and happy life. Difficulties and setbacks are only temporary. Don't make stumbling blocks for yourself. How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain in your life!