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How to send agaric quickly? A few small ways to teach you to quickly send agaric

Agaric is a kind of food we often eat. We often use it to fry meat. It's really delicious. However, as a kind of fungus food, agaric is usually soaked before eating. If we eat it without soaking, fresh agaric is likely to cause poisoning, so we usually need to eat it after hair. So how can we quickly send agaric? We need to know that sometimes it takes a certain amount of time to produce Auricularia. Don't worry, Xiaobian will share a few tips for you to quickly send agaric.

The first rapid method of producing Auricularia is soaking it in warm water. It is the most widely used method to make Auricularia auricula by soaking it in warm water. So let's talk about how to soak the fungus in warm water. First of all, we should prepare fresh fungus to be released. Then we just need to pour the fresh fungus into the container, and then pour it into warm water to soak it. When we soak the fungus in warm water, we should put the fungus in a closed space to prevent the air from entering. We just need to close the lid and wait. Generally, it only takes three to five minutes for agaric to send quickly.

The second rapid method of producing Auricularia is the method of producing Auricularia at high temperature. What is the method of high temperature Auricularia? In fact, it is also simple, that is, we can use high temperature to produce Auricularia. We can try to put the fungus into the microwave oven, and use the microwave oven to send the fungus quickly. How to operate it? We first wash the fungus, then put a little water in it, put it directly into the microwave oven, and then turn on the switch of the microwave oven. Then just wait.

The above is the way Xiaobian wants to share with you. You can try these two ways. Xiaobian thinks it's pretty good. I'd like to remind you that although Auricularia auricula has a high nutritional value, we must pay attention that fresh Auricularia auricula cannot be eaten. We must remember to send agaric before eating, otherwise it may cause poisoning.