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How to learn pinyin quickly? How to learn pinyin

We all know that pinyin is the basis of learning Chinese characters. Whether we or foreign friends want to learn Chinese, if they want to learn Chinese, they must learn pinyin first. But we will find that children or foreign friends always have difficulties in learning Pinyin. What's the matter? Xiaobian can only tell you that our method is wrong, in fact, learning pinyin is really super simple. Editor to share with you a few quick ways to learn pinyin, so that you are happy to learn pinyin.

The first small way to learn pinyin quickly -- graph association method. We can memorize Pinyin according to the intuitive graphics. This method is more reliable. For example, when we see the saint consonant 'Z', we can think of the picture of hedgehog to remember the word. The initials' t 'can associate it with an umbrella handle.

The second way to learn pinyin quickly is to connect with life memory. Learn Pinyin by connecting with the reality of life. For example, is the pronunciation of 'a' very similar to our daily breath pain sound? We can record it as the breath pain sound. 'o' sounds like a rooster crowing. We can remember it as a rooster crowing. We can learn pinyin more in touch with life, which is more convenient for us to remember Pinyin.

The third quick way to learn pinyin is game method. How can we learn pinyin quickly and happily? Of course, we can learn Pinyin by playing games. It is a better way to teach and learn. It can help us learn pinyin quickly. Many children think it's difficult to learn pinyin. Many times they think it's too boring to learn pinyin. Learning Pinyin by game method can stimulate children's interest in learning Pinyin and help them learn pinyin quickly. We can try this method.

Of course, learning pinyin is inseparable from reading aloud. We can learn Pinyin by reading aloud. Fast learning Pinyin some of the small methods, small editors are shared with you, you can choose yo.