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A few quick ways to cook red beans

'exquisite dice an Hongdou, I don't know if I'm in love with you'. This is Hongdou. Do you think red beans are beautiful? Red beans have always been the expression of lovesickness. The ancients often used red beans to express their lovesickness. The ancients loved red beans very much, and today they are also very popular. Red bean has a very high nutritional value, people often use it to cook porridge. But red beans are hard to boil. So how can we cook red beans quickly? Let's share some quick ways to cook red beans.

First, we can cook red beans quickly by braising. We all know that red beans are the most difficult food to cook. So if we want to cook red bean soup, we may need time to cook it slowly. Stewing is a better way to cook red beans, and the flavor of the cooked red beans will be stronger. So how to operate it? In fact, it's quite simple. We just need to prepare an electric appliance for our daily soup making. We can use electric rice cooker or we can consider using red clay pot to stew. The main thing is to stew. We just plug in the electric appliance, turn on the switch, adjust it and wait for it. Then we can eat the fragrant and nutritious red bean soup.

Secondly, we can cook red beans quickly by high temperature. First, we need to soak the red beans. When it comes to soaking, it must be soaking red beans in water. But before soaking, we must clean the red beans and then soak them in warm water. After we have finished all this, we can think about boiling red beans in high temperature. We just need to find a heat preservation cup, pour some boiling water into it, and then we seal the lid and wait for the red beans to soak.

Of course, the most common way is to cook red beans in a pressure cooker. If the above two methods introduced by Xiaobian are not very applicable, try this one. Xiaobian thinks that girls can still learn to cook red beans. She gives her boyfriend a bowl of red bean soup. It's full of lovesickness. He will be very happy. Come on, everyone.