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Bad figure? Let's learn how stars lose weight!

In our eyes, most of the stars are thin, with an angel like face and a devil like body. The most terrible thing is not that you are not thin, but that people who are thinner than you are still losing weight. What are the tips for all the stars to lose weight? Let's study together!

First of all, Xiaomin of South Korea, a star with both beauty and talent, weighs less than 90 Jin, and her height is nearly 1.7 meters, but she still dislikes that she is not thin enough and eats very little every day. The most favorite food is sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes. Although she looks sad, her figure can be imitated!

The second star, Xu Xiyuan from Taiwan, her secret is to drink milk. No wonder people have good figure and white skin. Drinking a glass of milk in the morning or at night can not only supplement the protein in the body, but also make your mood happier. It is suggested to drink fat free milk or low-fat milk, which is nutritious and whitening, and will not produce a lot of calories.

The third star is Luyu. Luyu looks thin and small, and has muscles on his arms. Then he insists on eating breakfast every day, and he must eat fruit and less meat every day. In order to make the program more attractive, he often uses a kind of berry fruit instead of dinner. You can learn to eat more fruit, and not rice.

The fourth star, Karen Mok, is a star that everyone is familiar with. Her legs are beautiful and sexy. Her way to lose weight is swimming. Swimming is a very interesting sport. She won't sweat in the process, but it will make her whole body move to the waist and legs. It's very obvious for her waist and legs to be shaped. After swimming, Karen Mok will also paint maintenance products on her legs, You can learn this method.