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What should we do if we don't go up in science? Teach you how to improve your science quickly!

When a lot of people fail in their grades, they tend to be very negative. They think that they are poor students and stupid compared with others. In fact, this is a wrong idea. As long as they master skills and study hard, everyone can get high scores. Let's talk about how to improve the scores quickly in the science department. Let's have a look!

Science is no better than liberal arts. Liberal arts only needs to understand and memorize. Science requires active thinking and diverse ideas, which is much more difficult than liberal arts. However, the score requirements for college entrance examination are relatively low, so many people choose to study science.

First of all, how many days before the college entrance examination, you have to make a careful plan according to your remaining studies. We can prepare several wrong problem books in the process of study, one for each subject. If we encounter problems that we can't do or do wrong, we can record them on it, which is convenient to watch when reviewing. You don't have to say you don't need to. When you do this problem again and you don't have a clear impression, it's over. So it's necessary to make mistakes. It can deepen your memory and help you sum up all the mistakes.

Second, science students generally have active problem-solving thinking, so the most scared thing is composition. The improvement of composition is not overnight, only to see more, you can look at extra-curricular books or accumulate some composition materials when you have a rest at ordinary times, and then write more. If you write more, you will find that composition is also regular.

Third, in English, the most basic thing is the words. If you can't remember the words, you can't write a complete sentence, so you should set a goal for yourself, remember the words every day, and then recite some better English sentences or short passages.