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Wang Jiaer is the best man for people. The live photos are fun. The kiss scale is so big

Idol male star Wang Jiaer is also a rising star in China. Her career is booming. She has also partnered with he Jiong in the Chinese version of please refrigerator. She is very popular and is deeply loved by everyone. Recently, the photo of Wang Jiaer as the best man broke out, but the scale is very large!

On May 29, Wang Jiaer attended the wedding of her good friend brother Quan. As a member of the best man group, Wang Jiaer wore a black suit and was more handsome than all the best men. Even the leading groom, brother Quan, is afraid to be compared by Wang Jiaer. Wang Jiaer and other best men stood at the door of the hotel, waiting for the groom. He was very handsome with his hands in his pockets.

In addition, Wang Jiaer was also open at her friend's wedding. She played a lot in the kiss receiving link. She passed the red paper game mouth to mouth. Although the picture was some 'hot eyes', she worked hard for her friends to pass smoothly.

In the hotel room, Wang Jiaer holds a lovely pet dog and a warm man. Many fans feel that they are not as good as dogs after seeing it. How they want to become a pet in Wang Jiaer's hands immediately and let the male God hold it in their arms.