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How to accelerate the germination of corn seeds is a correct step for us to learn

Corn is a pleasant crop, which will be planted in many places. In general, if our corn seeds are not sown in the best time, and its variety has a long growth period, and the soil condition is good, then we can adopt a healthy and rapid germination sowing method. Through this method, we can make corn sprout 5 days earlier and mature 3-5 days earlier. Want to know how corn sprouts and sows quickly? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

The first step is to soak corn seeds. Prepare a container of cold water and pour the dried corn seeds into it. The height of water surface was kept at 8-10cm. Generally, the general varieties can be soaked for 8-10 hours. If it is a powder type variety, the soaking time should not exceed 8 hours.

The second step is to lay straw. During the soaking period of corn seeds, we need to do a good job in the preparation of seed spreading. First, lay a layer of plastic cloth on the Kang, and then lay a layer of straw about 10cm above it. Then we spread the sack or waste cloth on the straw, so that we can prepare a suitable environment for laying corn seeds.

The third step -- planting. In order to improve the temperature of corn seeds, we need to use warm water of about 50 ℃ to wash the soaked corn seeds out, and then control the water content of the heated seeds after washing. After drying, we can spread it on the previously prepared sack or cloth. Note that the thickness of corn seeds should not exceed 10cm. Finally, we use a sack washed with warm water to spread corn seeds.

The fourth step -- temperature control inspection. After laying corn seeds, we need to put a thermometer in it, the temperature is about 25 ~ 32 ℃. Every 3 hours, we should check the temperature of the seeds, turn them up and down once, so as to prevent the high temperature inside and the seed burning. Generally, after these steps, the buds can grow in about 36-48 hours.