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How to clean the drum washing machine at home? Cleaning methods and skills of drum washing machine

In our home, the washing machine is used every day. I don't know if you have noticed. There will be a lot of dirty things hidden in the washing machine after a long time. These dirty things and bacteria will adhere to our clothes, so how should the drum washing machine be cleaned? Correct cleaning method of drum washing machine!

Cleaning method of drum washing machine 1

After a long time of use, although its surface looks very clean, it is actually very dirty inside. We can put half a bucket of water in the washing machine, add 400 ml of bleach, and then turn it on. The dirty things in the washing machine can be cleaned out in about half an hour. But we still need to clean it again, and then discharge these stains.

Cleaning method of drum washing machine 2

Or you can choose a professional cleaning agent to reduce the damage to the fuselage. You can pour the detergent into the water 1:2, mix it first, and then pour it into the washing machine to enter the normal washing state, repeat it at least twice, and then you can remove the dirt.

Cleaning method of drum washing machine 3

Another place to pay attention to is the filter screen, which can not be ignored. After we clean the fuselage, we can finally take out the filter screen for cleaning. During cleaning, we can use a brush to clean it. The filter screen must be cleaned frequently, and it is not easy to block and affect the work efficiency.

Cleaning method of drum washing machine 4

After our usual clothes are washed, we should take out the clothes to dry in time. The muggy environment is conducive to the growth of bacteria! We'd better clean the drain every time we use it.

Xiaobian's words: when we often use the washing machine to wash clothes, we should also remember to often clean its inside, otherwise it will be easy to breed some molds and fungi on the body over a long time, and it is also easy to enter our body through clothes, resulting in skin diseases, etc. If there are old people, children or babies at home, pay more attention to this!