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What's the matter with the orphan daughter inheriting a million dollars? Seven aunts and eight aunts

What's the matter with the orphan daughter inheriting a million dollars? It is reported that a 10-year-old girl's brother died when she was a child. Soon after, her father died of illness, leaving only her mother to depend on her. But two months ago, the girl's mother suddenly died in a car accident. Without grandparents and grandparents, for a while, the girl became an orphan, and her seven aunts scrambled to be guardians! As the saying goes, a distant relative is better than a close neighbor.

This little girl is Xiaohong from Taixing, Jiangsu Province. At the age of 10, it is difficult to live alone and must have a guardian. But looking around, she has no immediate relatives. Who is suitable to take care of her? If there is no property, in fact, Xiaohong's situation is very simple. First of all, let's look at the voluntary. Which relative is willing to take the initiative to take care of Xiaohong, of course, is the best choice. If they are unwilling to come forward, they can also be sent to welfare homes and aid stations.

However, I don't know whether this is lucky or unfortunate. After Xiaohong's mother died, she left millions of car accident compensation, a large amount of savings, and the real estate to be demolished soon! It is preliminarily estimated that the demolition compensation of this house will also be as high as millions of yuan!

A 10-year-old girl is already a rich man with millions of yuan. Now, if someone takes the initiative to be Xiaohong's guardian, what to worry about is whether they are for Xiaohong or for these properties?

Facts have proved that this is not groundless and does not underestimate the humanity of 'relatives'. On the day when Xiaohong's mother died in a car accident, relatives on both sides of Xiaohong's parents had a quarrel in order to arrange the funeral.

Both sides are Xiao Hong's relatives, seven aunts and eight aunts. But when Xiaohong's mother's bones were not cold, no one considered Xiaohong's feelings and no one took care of Xiaohong, but they all quarreled to be Xiaohong's guardian.

Before Xiaohong's guardian was determined, she was sent to the rescue station. The local authorities actively intervened to plan her future life. After a visit, Ms. Zhao of the local procuratorate found that Xiaohong actually has a 'relative' who is not related by blood, that is her stepfather ah Qi.

It's said to be her stepfather, but Xiao Hong has no legal relationship with ah Qi. Because although Xiaohong's mother has lived with ah Qi for many years, she has not registered for marriage and obtained a license. Xiao Hong has been taken care of by her stepfather ah Qi for seven years and has long regarded him as her father.

However, ah Qi, who is actually a stepfather but legally an 'outsider', was kicked out by Xiao Hong's seven aunts on the day of Xiao Hong's mother's death. In their opinion, ah Qi is not qualified to be Xiaohong's guardian.

When Ms. Zhao found ah Qi, ah Qi said that she had a very good relationship with Xiaohong. If possible, she hoped to be Xiaohong's guardian and continue to take care of Xiaohong. Therefore, several departments held consultations and finally decided to give priority to Xiao Hong's opinions.

Subsequently, the village committee was confirmed as Xiaohong's temporary guardian to take care of her daily life. At the same time, Xiaohong's relatives were organized to hold a symposium and listen to their opinions and suggestions. At the same time, the staff also visited neighbors and school teachers to understand the relationship between Xiaohong and ah Qi and her relatives.

When asked about her wishes, Xiao Hong said: "ah Qi's father is very kind to me. When I make a mistake, my mother beats me. It's ah Qi's father who is protecting me." Ah Qi, who is over 50, also said: "I have lived with Xiao Hong for seven years and have a good relationship. I hope to be her guardian."

Then, in accordance with the principle of being most conducive to the guardian, the neighborhood committee appointed ah Qi as Xiaohong's guardian. However, at the same time, some protective measures have been taken for the huge property inherited by Xiao Hong: these estate guardians can't move and will deposit it in the bank in the name of Xiao Hong until Xiao Hong becomes an adult.

The guardian can receive 1450 yuan of alimony per month. In this regard, stepfather ah Qi also promised that he would treat her daughter Xiao Hong like his own father. Those relatives who originally competed for Xiaohong's custody did not continue to oppose it.

As the saying goes, brothers should settle accounts clearly. It is not that we spend the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain, but that this society always beats those innocent people in the face with cruel facts. In the face of interests, sometimes the power of family affection is as thin as paper.

As for the stepfather, we don't know whether he is the best choice or what he thinks in his heart. We can only speculate his future performance through his past performance. Judging from the past seven years and Xiao Hong's attachment to him, his performance passed the test.

What a pity for a 10-year-old girl who has lost her brother, father and mother and suffered so many life and death, but has been thrown into the secular cunning of the adult world because of her Million Book Heritage? I just hope her stepfather is an angel and holds up a warm sky for her. I think brother Wen is right. Please pay attention and share.