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This year's monthly salary is less than 6000. The ideal is very plump and the reality is very skinny

Original title: there is a deviation between ideal and reality! The survey shows that 70% of fresh students earn less than 6000 yuan a month

According to a report released by Zhaopin on the 27th, from the perspective of the actual signing monthly salary, 70% of the 2019 fresh graduates have a signing monthly salary of less than 6000 yuan, accounting for 35.77% below 4000 yuan. Compared with the situation that 60% of the 2018 fresh graduates have a signing monthly salary of less than 4000 yuan and 34.62% below 3000 yuan, the actual signing monthly salary of graduates has increased year-on-year.

However, there is still a deviation between expectations and reality. The expected monthly salary of 2019 fresh graduates is concentrated at 6000-7999 yuan, accounting for the highest proportion, up to 32.39%. What's your monthly salary when you just got to work?

This year, college graduates are expected to reach 8.34 million, an increase of 140000 compared with 2018, another record high. According to the big data of online recruitment in the spring recruitment season and the survey data of 88150 fresh students, Zhilian recruitment found that nearly 80% of graduates have internship experience, and 70% of fresh students sign up for a monthly salary of less than 6000 yuan.

In addition, the survey also showed that the signing rate increased slightly year-on-year. As for the reasons why the contract has not been signed, 'salary / treatment does not meet expectations' is still the primary factor for breaking the contract, accounting for 38.23%. The second is' don't like the position / work content 'and' it's still early to graduate and have the opportunity to get a better offer ', accounting for 35.59% and 31.36% respectively.

In terms of the choice of employment places, the survey results show that the new first tier cities still have the highest proportion of 2019 graduates' expected employment places, accounting for 44.18%, a year-on-year increase of 4.00 percentage points, indicating that the new first tier cities with relatively low living costs and continuous release of employment opportunities are most favored by graduates. The attractiveness of first tier cities is also rising. 30.63% of the surveyed college students expect to be employed in first tier cities, accounting for a higher proportion than last year. No matter how much survival pressure, first tier cities are still the main battlefield for young people to pursue their dreams.

The topic of # 70% fresh graduates' monthly salary less than 6000 has also attracted the attention of many netizens. Do you want to see how they evaluate it? Let's take a look:

'all right, I can't afford to drink free Maotai and buy a house in a big city all my life. This is the status quo. At present, several of the ideal jobs for young people are engaged in research. Kindergarten children want to be scientists. Now it's all about finance (fraud) and civil servants (iron rice bowl). "

"This is also divided into regions. Obviously, there are great differences between first tier cities and third and fourth tier cities. I have worked for 11 years and only got more than 6000," said cool888, a netizen.