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How to become a memory expert and teach you three quick memory methods

Memory is the most basic and important step for us to learn things. With a good memory, we will obviously feel that learning will be easier. However, talent is the privilege of a few people, many people in life can not have the same memory as genius. At this time, we need some quick memory methods to help. As long as we master the correct memory method, we can also become a quick memory of the little darlings!

The first move -- alternate memory. We all know that the brain remembers the repeated knowledge repeatedly, the stimulation will gradually weaken, and we will be in a state of fatigue after a long time, leading to our memory effect is not so ideal. At this time, if we can transfer the materials to be memorized in turn to carry out alternative memory, then our brain will be constantly activated by new knowledge, and continue to be in a state of receiving new stimuli, so that we can play a better memory effect. Therefore, we might as well carry out alternate division to remember the next time we need to remember the material.

The second method is system memory. Compared with the scattered knowledge points, the multi-faceted knowledge network is more conducive to our memory. From here to there, from point to face, one knowledge point links another knowledge point. In the process of memory, we make clear the relationship between materials, and then connect them with logic, so as to form a complete impression in our brain. The so-called key to building a knowledge system is also this principle. We can often gain more by sorting out the context of knowledge and remembering from the system.

The third way is to try to recall. I believe that this method is most used in the intangible. Whether we recite articles, memorize words or recite speeches in front of the audience, we have almost used this most practical and effective method. The key to mastering knowledge or materials is our ability to reproduce. Therefore, we can help us achieve the effect of memory by constantly questioning our memories. Read it several times first, then force yourself to recite it without looking at the raw materials, forget to read it again, recite it again, and so on. The effect of memory enhancement will be very effective.

What about? Seeing this, do you feel that you are one step further away from being a memory master. The above are all the scientific methods summed up by the editor according to the practical experience. If you want to master the ability of fast memory, you may try next time, and you will surely gain a lot.