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Does fishtail pattern inadvertently climb on the tip of the eye have a way to return to the young ey

In the passage of time, unconsciously, the fishtail pattern climbed up our corner of the eye and brow. The tight skin around the eyes is a symbol of a woman's youth. We all want to keep our faces young forever, but we can't stop time from leaving a mark on our faces. In the face of the sudden "gift" of the years, we not only feel the color loss of the flowers. Don't worry, Xiaobian will teach you some tricks to return to the young eyes, so that your eyes will show a perfect smile.

The first method is chicken bone soup. I believe everyone knows that pork skin can help us to have the effect of beauty, but do you know? In fact, chicken bone soup also has good skin beautifying effect. Chicken ribs contain a lot of chondroitin sulfate, which is the most important component of elastic fiber. Regular drinking of chicken bone soup can help increase our skin elasticity, supplement collagen, and make our face more and more compact and smooth.

The second way is to suck grease and dirt from rice balls. We can take out some cooked rice, and then roll it around the corner of the eye,. In addition, we can roll the rice balls on our face from top to bottom, from inside to outside. In this way, the rice dough can use its natural adsorption function to help us suck out the oil and dirt in the pores of the face skin. After rolling back and forth for a week, you will find that the rice ball turns black, which indicates that our face has just been cleaned. Finally, clean your face with water, then apply toner. Stick to it, we'll find that the crow's feet are missing.

The third way is to wash your face with beer. Beer is rich in B vitamins and zinc, which can help us to get rid of excess water and fat, improve our skin condition, and play a role in delaying aging. Therefore, we can add some beer into the prepared warm water in the process of face washing at ordinary times, mix it evenly, soak the towel in it, wring it slightly, then apply it on the face and gently rub it clockwise, and then put the towel on the face. After about 5 minutes, we can take off the towel and wash the face with warm water. Use it every night, and soon you will see the crow's feet disappear.

What about? Do you have any heart when you see these three simple ways to remove crow's feet? Beautiful changes only need one day, and you are still at a loss for high maintenance products. You may as well try these anti aging tricks with Xiaobian!