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What brand is good for luxury shoes? 2019 world top luxury women's shoes list

Top women's shoes are monopolized by Italy, Britain and France, of which only Italy accounts for half. The holy land of shoe making is indeed worthy of its reputation. Britain is the birthplace of old luxury goods, and Saville street, the world-famous high-end customization street, adds a lot to it. So, what brand is good for luxury shoes? Let's take a look at the 2019 ranking of the world's top luxury women's shoes.

Ranking of the world's top luxury women's shoes:

Worship brand: Manolo Blahnik

Since Hua Chenyu covered Zhang Guorong's song "I", it has opened the prelude to his great popularity, which also reminds us of his brother Zhang Guorong. When we return to Zhang Guorong's concert, his brother's song "red" deduces the charm and amorousness of both female and male, switching freely between beauty and handsome. His brother is wearing Manolo Blahnik's customized red shoes, Brother Zhang Guorong is an extremely picky perfectionist. If he chooses Manolo Blahnik shoes, what else can we say? Suddenly want to sing "memories always want to cry".

Manolo Blahnik shoes worn by Zhang Guorong at the concert

Having a pair of Manolo Blahnik is a woman's dream, and big female stars are its fanatical pursuers. Manolo Blahnik is almost standard for Oscar actress. In the American TV series sex and the city, Mr. Big took the blue satin shoes produced by Manolo Blahnik and proposed to Carrie, which doubled the value of these shoes and instantly became "red" all over the world. The heroine (Sarah Jessica Parker) once told Manolo Blahnik with infinite admiration: "every pair of Manolo shoes should be displayed in the palace of Versailles!"

Sarah Jessica Park, the heroine of sex and the city

Artwork like Manolo Blahnik women's shoes

Queen brand: Christian Louboutin

Price range: 10000-50000 yuan

Christian Louboutin created the most famous shoe myth since Cinderella. Christian Louboutin never lacks followers of big stars: Princess Caroline of Monaco, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah & middot; Jessica & middot; Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth & middot; Gwyneth Paltrow, Maria & middot; Mariah Carey, Angelina & middot; Angelina Jolie, Victoria & middot; Victoria Beckham

Christian Louboutin high heels

Red soled shoes are the sign of Christian Louboutin.

Because Christian Louboutin uses a red background, many high-end brands in China are using a red background. There is no reason. They just want to be red. When you see a woman wearing red shoes, be careful. What she doesn't wear is not necessarily christian louboutin shoes.

Christian Louboutin treasure leather / luxury high heels

Queen brand: Jimmy Choo / Zhou Yangjie

Jimmy Choo Couture custom shoes are one of the most expensive shoes in the world. The founder Jimmy Choo / Zhou Yangjie is Malaysian. His ancestral home is Mei County, Guangdong. He is the Royal shoemaker of Princess Diana. Among his guests are the queen of England, the princess of Morocco, the wife of the British Prime minister, the wife of the Malaysian Prime Minister, the queen of Malaysia, and many Hollywood stars & hellip& hellip; His outstanding performance finally won the OBE Award (officer of the British Empire) medal awarded by the queen of England. Jimmy Choo / Zhou Yangjie is undoubtedly the pride of the Chinese community.

The king of Italian women's shoes: Ferragamo / Ferragamo

Ferragamo / Ferragamo never lacks the pursuers of big stars: Audrey & middot; Hepburn, Sofia & middot; Roland, Marilyn & middot; Monroe, Madonna & hellip& hellip; These names glittering in the history of world film development have formed a 'Fairy shoe fate' with Ferragamo, leaving countless good memories for the fashion industry. Not much about this brand that everyone on earth knows. Enjoy the shoes.

King of square buckle shoes: Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier, a shoe brand from Paris, may be rarely mentioned in China, but in Europe and America, its edge must not be weaker than Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin. Roger Vivier's works once shone on the ankles of many famous ladies -- Catherine Deneuve, Marlene Dietrich, the Duchess of Windsor, or even Queen Elizabeth II wore Vivier's shoes in the coronation hall. Roger Vivier's logo is square buckle, square buckle and square buckle. The root of the proliferation of square buckle shoes all over the street is the imitation of Roger Vivier.

Roger Vivier feather high heels

King of luxury dinner shoes: Rene caovilla

It's not surprising if you're not familiar with Rene caovilla, because this brand doesn't want to be popular. After all, people have positioned themselves as high-end since their birth, focusing on dinner shoes, mainly serving the upper royal family, aristocrats and celebrities. In the 1970s, Rene caovilla was internationally famous. Even Christian Dior / Dior and Chanel / Chanel also 'came to the door' to design shoes for their advanced custom series. The so-called high setting means that the production cycle is long, all manual and can never afford it. This is just Rene caovilla's style. It is precisely because of these cooperation that Rene caovilla has won the reputation of 'King of dinner shoes'. Enjoy it. In addition to luxury, it's still luxury.