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Are you still using the old method? This kind of red bean and job's tears porridge is a fast, good a

In recent years, the red bean and job's tears porridge has become popular, with the label of eliminating dampness, reducing weight and improving physique. Let's first look at what is the "moisture" that modern people want to get rid of? As a result of often eating cold food such as cold drinks, raw and cold fruits or spicy and irritant food, it will accumulate into moisture in the body over time, and even affect the internal organs seriously. For example, women's common menstruation disorder, cold palace, insomnia and dreaminess, and men's common symptoms such as cold back of the waist, sore back and knees, no spirit of energy, and sweating at night are all wet. At this time, it's best to drain the moisture in the body with a bowl of hot red bean and barley congee.

However, although red beans and job's tears porridge is a little wet expelling expert, but job's tears are very hard, and red beans are also very hard. If you boil it directly in a pot, it may not boil for one or two hours, which is a test of people's patience and patience, but the cooking time is not enough to affect the dehumidification effect of job's tears and red beans. Now Xiaobian is going to teach you how to cook red bean congee quickly.

First, we just need to prepare job's tears and red beans in advance, soak them in water for one night, and cook them in a pressure cooker the next day. In less than half an hour, we can cook the porridge soft and glutinous.

The second method, we do not need to prepare in advance, as long as we boil the red bean and job's tears porridge with more water, turn off the fire and simmer for about 30 minutes, then boil and simmer for another 30 minutes, at this time, the red bean and job's tears will completely boil.

The third method is suitable for the student party without conditions. A professional smoldering pot will be finished. Preheat the red bean job's tears and smoldering pot respectively, then put the ingredients into the smoldering pot, fill it with boiling water, tube the bottle cap, stew for one night, and then have a healthy and dehumidified breakfast. If the red bean job's tears can be stewed, the steps of preheating can not be less.

It's better to take medicine than to take tonic. Let's move quickly for those who love health preservation.