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What happened when huacongfang denied plagiarism? What did huacongfang say when he denied plagiarism

What happened when huacongfang denied plagiarism? Folk singer Hua congee has been accused of plagiarizing more than once, first the song "Mom, I want to get married", and then the song "out of the mountain" which was a big fire some time ago. This time, it was accused of plagiarism because of the new song "why bother to come" just released some time ago, and flower porridge was pushed to the forefront again and again.

Huacongfang denies plagiarism

However, Hua congee soon responded to the matter and issued a statement. The statement said that the songs "why bother to come" and "out of the mountain" spread on the Internet are fake. And I hope those who spread these untrue messages can delete the late messages as soon as possible. And said there was evidence left. If such remarks continue, legal means will be taken.

Just after Huacong Fang made a statement, the production team of Huacong also responded to the matter, saying that whether it was lyrics or music, "why bother to come" had nothing to do with xinbaodao. The two songs were completely different. Since they were not similar, how could they be copied? It also said that Hua congee copied the harmony of why bother to come is & lsquo; IV,I,III,VI-V’,《 New treasure island is & lsquo; VI-VI-VI-VI’, Not plagiarism.

Why bother? The prelude is suspected of plagiarism

Although huacongfang has made clarification, the matter is still full of doubts. Because to netizens and listeners, the prelude to why bother to come is really very similar to the prelude to new treasure island. No matter whether the flower porridge is really wronged this time, it seems to have lost the favor of many netizens in the plagiarism events again and again. However, as long as Hua congee continues to work hard to make real original songs, it will one day change everyone's view of her. After all, only speaking with strength is the best evidence.