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Tips: take the ring quickly and don't let it "trap" you

Rings are still of great significance to girls. Different rings have different symbols. The wedding ring symbolizes love. A ring from a friend symbolizes friendship. Girls all like rings. If a boyfriend gives a ring to his girlfriend all the time, the girl will be very happy. However, many girls are trapped by rings. The rings are not suitable and cannot be taken down. What shall we do at this time. What are some quick ways to get a ring? Let's talk about it!

The first way to get a ring quickly is winding. When our ring can't be taken down, we can try to take it out by winding. So how to operate it? We can take off the ring easily by winding it. First of all, we need to wrap a thread inside the ring, fix it first, and then turn it towards the outer circle. After a few more circles, slowly pull it out along the fixed place. Generally, you can take out the ring with a slight pull.

The second way to get the ring quickly is lubrication. When we can't get the ring out, we can try lubrication. How to lubricate it? We can put a little soap or a little glycerin on our fingers. These things can lubricate our fingers and help us take out the ring quickly. We can try this.

The third way to get a ring quickly is to smash things and get a ring. When our ring can't be taken down, we can only take it out quickly if we take it off. How to get it off? It's still more troublesome. We need a lot of small tools, which can not hurt our hands but take out the ring. We need to think about it. We usually use pliers. If we can't make sure, let's go to the doctor for help!

So, it's a very troublesome thing to be caught by a ring. You'd better choose the right ring. Don't be 'caught' by the ring. If you are accidentally caught by a ring, try sharing with Xiaobian!