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The best analysis of Wu Xieyu's killing his mother Tianya why did Wu Xieyu kill his mother

Original title: why Wu Xieyu killed his mother at Peking University where was Wu Xieyu caught and fled? What happened

Before killing his mother, Wu Xieyu was absolutely the favored son of heaven. He was admitted to Peking University in advance because of his excellent academic performance. His GRE score is the top 5% in the world. He is also a perfect Xueba in the eyes of his classmates. His characteristic is his high IQ. Such a perfect person even killed his mother. What is the reason for Wu Xieyu's killing his mother? Three years later, Wu Xieyu was finally arrested. How did he escape the pursuit of the police in the three years of escape, and what happened? Where they were caught has attracted everyone's attention.

The Beijing News reporter learned from the head of the Publicity Department of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau that Wu Xieyu, a Peking University student suspected of killing his mother, has been arrested. The time and place of arrest was arrested when boarding at Chongqing Jiangbei Airport on April 21. With more than 30 ID cards, I bought them online and have been active in China for three years.

Why did Wu Xieyu kill his mother? Doesn't he know that the French net is broad and careless? Wu Xieyu, once a filial son, killed his mother. After killing his mother, he did two things that are deeply hated at present. One is to cheat money. It is the most shameful to cheat money with Xie tianqin's character. The other is to associate with obscene prostitutes. Xie tianqin's character is very difficult to accept these two things. In addition, Xie tianqin's husband died of liver cancer. She categorically refused the subsidies and assistance given to her by the school, It shows that his mother is very noble, but Wu Xieyu only did these two embarrassing things to his mother after killing his mother. It seems to be done for his mother, as if to release the emotional catharsis repressed for decades.

Wu Xieyu killed his mother in June 2015 and was arrested in April 2019 for nearly four years. He has been active in China in these four years. In China where cameras are everywhere, Wu Xieyu's photos and even the reward order published by the police can escape the police safely. It's a pity to imagine his ability, Such a high IQ spent the first half of his life on learning, and the rest on absconding.

What does Wu Xieyu think? Why kill your mother? Doesn't murder mean destroying yourself? Moreover, Wu Xieyu killed his mother, Xie tianqin. Looking at his crime tools, he was ready to dismember at the beginning of June 2015. Later, it was found that it was very difficult, so he wrapped the body layer by layer and put it into activated carbon to absorb the odor. The murder scene was carefully designed, equipped with cameras and infrared alarm devices, which could monitor the scene with mobile phones and arranged like a tomb.

Later, she borrowed money from relatives and friends in the name of her mother because her son needed money to study abroad at MIT. She used to study with her. Because Xie tianqin was usually very popular and her mother and son had good influence in the local area, relatives and friends believed in his reason. In this way, Wu Xieyu borrowed a total of 1.44 million yuan. Xie tianqin's resignation letter was also copied and forged by Wu Xieyu in his mother's handwriting.

Before and after February 5, 2016, Wu Xieyu sent a text message to his uncle, saying that he and his mother would return from Boston, USA, and would arrive at Fujian Putian high-speed railway station on February 6, hoping that his uncle would pick up his mother and son for the new year. Later, on the seventh day of the first month, Xie tianqin's family called the police, pried open the door and entered the room to find Xie tianqin's body.

No one believes that Wu Xieyu killed his mother Xie tianqin, because in everyone's eyes, Wu Xieyu had a good relationship with his mother. During the University, he would talk for about 5 to 20 minutes every day, mainly about the diet, activities and learning of the day, which was said by classmate Wang Huadong. Wu Xieyu's feelings in high school were not very smooth. He liked two girls, but he didn't have the courage to express himself. Later, his father died of liver cancer. He cried and left a deep impression on his classmates. Although his grades were excellent, he didn't have experience and skills in love. It may be the reason why he fell in love with prostitutes later. It's easier to do so.

Wu Xieyu's work and rest rules: go to bed at about 11 p.m. and get up at 7 and 8 a.m. to study. " He likes to sit in the first row of the classroom, speak enthusiastically in class and often communicate with teachers. " Li he said that Wu Xieyu had never had a conflict with his classmates.

Case review

On March 3, 2016, Fuzhou police issued a reward notice, which said that on February 14, a female corpse was found in the dormitory of a middle school in Fuzhou. The female corpse was Xie tianqin, an employee of the school. His 22-year-old son Wu Xieyu was suspected of committing a major crime, and the police offered a reward of 10000 yuan for arrest.

Event: on February 14, a female corpse was found in the staff dormitory of a middle school in Fuzhou. The female corpse was Xie tianqin, an employee of the school

Time: February 14, Valentine's Day

Location: in the staff dormitory of a middle school in Fuzhou

Suspect: Wu Xieyu. His 22-year-old son Wu Xieyu was suspected of committing a major crime, and the police offered a reward of 10000 yuan for arrest.

After the incident, Wu Xieyu stayed in a hotel near his home for more than ten days. In July 2015, Wu Xieyu left Fuzhou by train. In the following six months, the activities were held in Fuzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Henan and other places. Wu Xieyu also met a Henan sex worker who worked in Shanghai and took a lot of sex videos of the two. Later, Wu Xieyu fell in love with each other, bought a lot of fake penises and proposed marriage to him with more than 100000 bride price gifts. The woman didn't refuse, but the two often quarreled and fled to Shanghai, Henan and other places to hide.