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How to stop bleeding quickly? Try these little ways quickly

In our life, we may get hurt and bleed because of our carelessness and some small accidents. How can we stop bleeding quickly when we don't have a doctor? We need to know that if it's a big wound, if we don't deal with it urgently, stopping the wound may threaten our life safety. So what are some quick ways to stop bleeding? Let's have a look.

The first quick hemostasis small method -- wound bandage hemostasis method. When shall we stop bleeding with band aid? Bandage hemostasis is suitable for some small wounds. When we accidentally get a needle in our hand or a knife in our hand, we can use a band aid to stop bleeding. But when we apply the band aid, we should first wash the wound with water to avoid bacterial infection, and then apply the band aid. After the band aid is applied, we should pay attention not to let the wound get wet.

The second quick hemostasis small method -- finger press hemostasis. When we have large wounds, we can consider using this method to stop bleeding quickly. And this kind of pressing hemostasis is usually used for first aid. If our wound is learning to be severe, then we can consider using finger pressure to stop bleeding. However, we must pay attention to the pressure. Do not use too much force, which may aggravate the wound bleeding.

The third method of fast hemostasis is bandaging hemostasis. Bandaging hemostasis is the most common and widely used method. This method is usually more suitable for smaller wounds. How to bandage it? Before bandaging, we should first clean the wound. Generally, we choose to disinfect the wound with normal saline or iodine, and then wrap it with gauze or bandage. We can also choose to use rubber to stop bleeding, as long as the bandage is done. However, it is still important to remember that proper tightness is required. If the wound is bandaged too tightly, it may cause muscle necrosis. Just bandage the wound properly.

Xiaobian has shared some quick hemostasis methods to everyone. Xiaobian thinks it's easy to operate. You can have a look and learn. If we bleed or get hurt because of carelessness or accident, we can solve it by ourselves.