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How to deal with the bad smell of beriberi? What method can fast go beriberi?

Summer is the easiest season to have feet. Many people have feet more or less. It's really not a big deal, but some people are always misunderstood and don't love cleanness when they have feet, which makes the misunderstood people very hurt. So what are the ways to quickly remove beriberi? For yourself, for your family and for your friends, come and have a look!

After many people suffer from beriberi, they do not actively go to the dermatology department of the hospital for treatment. Instead, they buy some anti-inflammatory drugs to smear, resulting in the bacteria can not be eliminated, so that the beriberi is repeated and more and more serious. In addition, some patients with beriberi have cured their beriberi, and they share the tools of foot washing with others, causing reinfection of fungi. There are also some patients who stop taking medicine after their medication gets better, leading to the recurrence of beriberi. The above is the cause of beriberi. Let's start treatment after we understand the cause!

First of all, we can prepare a bag of white sugar, the most common kind of white sugar in the supermarket. After washing your feet every night, take a handful of white sugar and rub your feet for a few minutes. After washing, you can go to sleep directly. Generally, after doing this three times, the symptoms of beriberi will be relieved or cured. The most suitable method is the beri produced by sweating between toes, Just do it once in three days.

The second method is to prepare a small handful of pepper and a small spoon of salt. Then put them into the water and boil them. When the pepper salt water is cold, put your feet in and soak them until you sweat. It's like this every night. Generally, you can recover after a week. This method should pay attention to the foot ulcer wound do not use, so as not to stimulate the skin.

The above are two simple ways to treat beriberi, you can try!