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What is the final outcome of ice breaking? Final outcome of ice breaking operation Lin Yaodong

The finale of ice breaking: Lin Yaodong was arrested, and Zhao Jialiang and Ma Wen died, which ended in tragedy. The play is coming to an end. The big drug lord Lin Yaodong has become the object of police arrest. His defeat has been determined, because there are already traitors in tazhai village, and the police have an eye on tazhai village. They can't escape. Although the bad people have been severely punished in the end, the good people have died. This ending makes people sigh!

Lin Zonghui has betrayed Lin Yaodong. With his help, the police can arrest Lin Yaodong just around the corner. Lin Yaodong is too cruel, which has long made Lin Zonghui cold. Now Lin Zonghui is Li Fei's informant. He delivers information for Li Fei, but Lin Yaodong focuses on Zhao Jialiang, ignores the people around him, and is finally betrayed by Lin Zonghui, The police successfully arrested Lin Yaodong and destroyed tazhai village. It was a great victory.

Zhao Jialiang went deep into tazhai village and had been dealing with Lin Yaodong. Finally, his identity was exposed and he was killed by Lin Yaodong. It's really not worth it for Zhao Jialiang. He died so miserably that he didn't have time to recognize Li Fei. Although Lin Yaodong was arrested, Zhao Jialiang can't come back.

Ma Wen was shot when she was carrying out the arrest operation. She and Li Fei have formed a deep friendship. Now Li Fei watched Ma Wen get shot with his own eyes, which was a great blow to him! The people close to Li Fei finally disappeared, leaving only Chen Ke and Li Weimin.

Ma Wen was shot and finally became a vegetable. Chen Ke and Li Fei were covered with blood. Li Fei couldn't accept this reality and finally decided to escape all this. Chen Ke continued to take care of Ma Wen. The three once friendly people have now become fragmented.

The final finale of ice breaking is a little cruel. The finale of Zhao Jialiang and Ma Wen is too cruel. Tazhai village was destroyed, but the lost people can't come back. It's too heart piercing!