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Can I take a walk right after dinner? What are the benefits of taking a walk after dinner

Most people don't have much time for exercise because of their busy work, so they choose to go out for a walk and relax after dinner. How long can they go out for a walk after dinner?

Can I take a walk right after dinner

It is not advisable to go out for a walk immediately after dinner.

Because you have just finished your meal, your stomach is still full. Slight exercise will shake your stomach. Going out for a walk at this time will increase the burden on your stomach and intestines. Moreover, the digestive tract needs a lot of blood to help digestion after meals. If you go out for a walk at this time, a lot of blood will be distributed in the parts of limb activities, which will reduce the blood supply of the digestive tract, and then affect the digestion and absorption of food. Therefore, it is not suitable to take a walk immediately after meals.

How long can I take a walk after dinner

You can start walking about 45 minutes after dinner.

During this time, walking can strengthen the blood circulation of the digestive system, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve digestion, consume excess fat in the body and help lose weight. If you take another walk 2-3 hours after a meal, the effect of weight loss will be better.

What's the advantage of taking a walk after dinner

Lose weight

A quick walk after dinner can consume excess fat in the body and play the role of weight loss. Middle aged people generally eat more and move less. The signs of getting fat are obvious. They can avoid getting fat by properly controlling their diet and taking a walk after dinner every day.

Eliminate fatigue

Walking after dinner can improve the excitement, inhibition and regulation process of cerebral cortex, and can eliminate fatigue and clear your mind. Therefore, more and more people like to take a walk to regulate their spirit.

promote digestion

When walking, due to the contraction of abdominal muscles, the breathing is slightly deepened, the up and down movement of diaphragm muscles is strengthened, and the 'massage effect' of abdominal wall muscle movement on gastrointestinal tract, the blood circulation of digestive system will be strengthened, the gastrointestinal peristalsis will be increased, and the digestive ability will be improved.

Relax vascular smooth muscle

Taking a walk after dinner can relax the vascular smooth muscle, which can be used to prevent and treat hypertension. Taking a slow walk can also alleviate the vasospasm of the head, thus reducing headache.