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What's the matter with small blisters on your hands in summer? How to deal with small blisters

After entering the summer, many people have some small blisters on their hands. The blisters are very small and can hardly be seen without careful observation. But it's very uncomfortable. What's the matter with small blisters on your hands?

What's the matter with small blisters on your hands

Excessive damp and heat in the body

People with heavy moisture are also prone to blisters. If you have blisters on your hands, you also feel that your body is heavy and often has no spirit, or you are prone to diarrhea and sticky stool, it may be blisters caused by damp heat for a long time.


People with sensitive skin often grow some blisters. It's easy to distinguish. These blisters may not only grow on their hands, but also on their body or face.

In addition, people with sensitive skin are prone to skin itching, dryness and peeling. If these are consistent, it is blisters caused by allergy.

Caused by fungi

It's hot and many people talk cool. They like to wash their hands in cold water or touch something cold on the surface. The above is often accompanied by some fungi, resulting in small blisters and varying degrees of pruritus.

How to care for blisters on your hands

Avoid scratching

When a blister itches, many people's first reaction is to scratch it or keep scratching it. However, there are often a lot of bacteria in our nails, which will only worsen the situation after grasping.

Wash your hands

The blister on your hand may be caused by some bacteria at the beginning. So we should develop the habit of washing hands frequently. At least wash our hands every time we come home from outside and before dinner.

In fact, it takes only one minute to wash hands every time, which is not troublesome. Many people just don't form the habit of washing hands, so it's very troublesome. It is suggested that parents and friends should let their children form the habit of washing hands, which is beneficial to health at any time.

Pay attention to moisturizing

As far as possible, hand and foot care should not touch water or detergent at hand. Feet should be kept cool and cool. This can not only reduce itching, but also avoid the complications of chronic eczema or fungal infection.

Topical steroid ointment

In the case of severe itching, it is very difficult to reduce the itching feeling by simple maintenance. At this time, local steroid ointment is needed to reduce the itching feeling and control the disease.

Pressure control

The control of stress is of great help to alleviate the disease and reduce recurrence.

Low metal diet

According to statistics, this method is highly effective for patients with metal allergy.

What about blisters on your hands

Eat more cold blood detoxification food

Excessive body fire and toxins can also lead to the symptoms of small blisters, so it can be alleviated by eating more cold blood detoxification food. Generally, balsam pear, mung bean, watermelon and cucumber can help to treat blistering symptoms.

Apply vitamin C injection to the affected area

For blisters on your hands, you can use vitamin C injection to relieve them. Inject them into the blisters. Generally, they will get better after a few days.

Ginger bubble Baijiu Tu affected area

You can also use ginger to soak the Baijiu method, and wait for a day to soak it. This is a more effective way to wipe the blisters.

Soak the affected area with white vinegar

There are small blisters on your hands and itching symptoms. You can smear and soak the affected area with an appropriate amount of white vinegar. Soak for about 5 minutes every day, and the blisters will be eliminated slowly after a few days.

Use antifungal drugs

In general, small blisters on the hand can be treated quickly by applying fungal ointment. For example, miconazole, ketoconazole, daconine and other ointments have a good effect on the treatment of small blisters. As long as an appropriate amount of ointment is applied to the affected area, the blisters can be effectively eliminated and normal skin can be restored in a few days.

Conclusion: if blisters grow on your hands, please don't worry. Pay attention to observation for a period of time. Generally speaking, they will disappear slowly. However, if it has not been eliminated, there is no need to worry too much. As long as you buy some ointment and apply it on time every day, you can cure the small blisters on your hands. Usually remember to wash your hands and pay attention to hygiene!