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Office skills you are the office skilful

In this face watching world, how to conquer the world with strength without beauty value? Now go out to find a job, master the operation of office software and the use of office equipment is the most basic requirement. No matter in the future work or family life will encounter the situation of printing things, many times the steps of printing are too complex, the operation is very troublesome! So how to print quickly? Today, Xiaobian will share with you the method of fast printing documents, hoping to help you.

Method 1:

1. Open the word document page of your computer, click the user-defined quick access toolbar button, and many options will be displayed, but you only need to select the quick print option.

2. Click the quick access bar and click the [Print] option in the Quick Access Toolbar. In this way, the default printer for word documents prints the current document completely, and there is no need to set the printing options.

Method 2: add quick print in word

Specific steps: first, open the word window and click the symbol of triangle in the icon of the card on the menu bar; second, in the options, click the [quick print] command.

Method 3: in the word software, there are fast printing keys, and press Ctrl + P on the keyboard. Fast and easy.

Method 4: it's the simplest way to give the printed characters to the store owner when passing by the printing shop. Save time and effort.

In fact, I think that the office software is more and more convenient, more and more functions are more and more complete, more and more people have mastered the way of use. It is necessary to master some basic software functions in daily life. The method of fast whole print flashes in the brain just like common sense. I believe that in the near future, there will be more simple and fast methods, remember to share, so that more friends benefit! So, did you learn how to share today?