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What are the skills of Huang Yueying? Introduction to Huang Yueying's skills

After the king's glory Ma Chao online experience service, the players are saying that Huang Yueying, the hero, has a play, and Zhuge Liang will finally welcome his CP, and he won't be alone any more! If Huang Yueying is sure to go online, what are her skills?

What is Huang Yueying's occupation?

In fact, Huang Yueying has not been disclosed on the Internet. There is only a hero in early summer who is suspected to be Huang Yueying. This is quite possible. After all, it is quite common for heroes to change their names.

At present, we can know the following information about heavy artillery in early summer:

Positioning: shooter, soldier

Specialty: remote consumption, group control

Hero attribute: has the ability to consume and has its own critical hit effect

If Huang Yueying is such a skill mechanism, it should be similar to Liu Bei. She has a certain body and pressure resistance ability, and can control the output at the same time!

Due to the fact that there is very little information about Huang Yueying, we can't be sure. The above content is only a prediction. The specific information should be subject to the official announcement!