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What does tea girl mean? Why is Xicha so popular

What does tea girl mean? There have been rumors about this kind of girl all the time. It is said that they have the following characteristics. Let's follow Xiaobian to see what the characteristics of tea loving girls are?

① The tip of the tongue is sensitive.

Mainly used to taste the sweetness of the object, as well as to stir up the thick cheese milk cap in the hi tea.

Of course, this sensitive little tongue is also very powerful for mixing with you.

② It tastes sweet and thirsty.

Long term drinking of tea makes them taste a little sweet, no matter above or below.

There is a saying, "my coffee is a little bitter. I need your fingers to stir it." If you meet a smile, it will make you like a girl who has eaten sugar. She must be a tea loving girl.

They always make your throat tight and a little thirsty. It's said to be cute to sexy.

③ Very patient.

For tea loving girls, talking about long-distance love is as simple as drinking tea.

Are you in another city? It doesn't matter. They can aim at opportunities and fly to you, just as they can fly from a city without tea to another city with tea.

How is Xicha hot

Product + environment + positioning = stand out

Product is the first link to help Xicha open its market position.

In the tea processing stage, Xicha said that it would contact a third-party factory to produce customized tea according to its needs and ideas. Here, it is always mentioned that Jinfeng, one of the classic xizhizhi Jinfeng tea products, does not exist in the market.

It also emphasizes that it uses 8g tea bag, uses raw leaves to brew the bottom tea at high temperature, and then after 60 seconds of high-pressure extraction, selects massive cheese imported from Australia and fresh milk imported from Europe as auxiliary materials, and adopts assembly line to ensure the stability of the product, etc.

In addition to specialization, it is also important to be young and constantly fresh. Hi tea will launch new products every quarter. For example, the latest new product series is super cup fruit tea, such as' full cup passion fruit ',' full cup red pomelo ', etc. And those fashionable weight loss health concept also appears in the way of 'low fat milk'.

Why tea is so popular

1. Accurate product positioning: serve about 90 consumers (young people), the price is between 20-30, located in shopping malls or places with large flow of people, between street stalls and high-end tea drinks such as Starbucks, the decoration is simple, comfortable and tonal

2. Product differentiation: milk tea + dessert first; Low fat or cheese milk cover; New fruit tea in different seasons

3. Business model: go direct business, do not join, convenient management

4. Service and activity planning: considerate services such as no queuing for pregnant women and activities such as no order on birthday day increase customer stickiness

5. promotion: new media promotion, borrowing the famous official account of the public, and creating fame, and catching the young people's "flaunt" character.