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Jolin Tsai's eyes illuminated by laser pen how harmful is laser pen to eyes

Friends who attended the wheat field Music Festival yesterday, did you have a good time last night? However, the singer Jolin Tsai was shocked to die when she was irradiated by a laser pen while performing on the stage. So how harmful is the laser pen to the body?

Anger! Jolin Tsai's eyes illuminated by laser pen at Music Festival

Last night, the singer Jolin Tsai was shot into her face with a laser pen by unknown people when she was performing. According to the report provided by netizens, when Jolin Tsai was singing on the stage, her face occasionally flickered with a green beam. At first, Jolin Tsai could dodge with her eyes forced open, but later, the light lasted for a long time, so she finally had to sing with her eyes closed.

Later, Jolin Tsai's studio sent out a micro blog, saying that Jolin Tsai encountered an unknown person with a laser pen in his eyes during the performance. Although his eyes were uncomfortable, he still insisted on completing the performance in the best condition, and his body was not affected.

How powerful is the laser pen? Laser pen, also known as laser indicator, is used to project light points or point at objects in the process of work report, teaching and tour guide. Monochromatic laser with different wavelengths is absorbed by different tissues due to its photochemical effect or photothermal effect, causing carbonization, gasification and deformation of tissues, and local burning damage and coagulation damage

At present, the current gb7247 standard divides the risk of laser to human body into four levels. The measurement standard is to observe the MPE (maximum possible effect) of laser on eyes in the beam, while the third level standard (output power of 1-500 MW) and the fourth level standard (output power of & gt; 500 MW) caused unpredictable damage to the eyes.

In addition, the light of the laser pen is mainly parallel light, so the continuous projection in the unit area will cause a higher energy value.

The macular area is densely pigmented, which makes it easier to absorb laser energy. In addition, it originally belongs to the central part of the retina, which is the most sensitive area of vision, and then the cone cells responsible for vision and color vision are distributed in this area.

If the laser pen is directly projected into the eye, the laser beam will be directly reflected through the electric heating film, damaging the macular area with the most sensitive visual acuity, involving the inner layer of the retina and choroid, resulting in obvious decline of central visual acuity, dark visual object, deformation, etc.

The direct damage of laser to the macula is mainly manifested in the macular burn. After a long-lasting dazzling beam, it will affect the vision and central nervous system, and the human body will produce dizziness, even nausea and other symptoms. Serious circumstances will cause macular hole.