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What is may disease? What are the characteristics of May disease

May disease is now a very common disease, to the handover period of spring and summer, irritable weather will bring a great impact on people's body and mind, let's understand the next May disease!

What is may disease

It originated in Japan. The social pressure in Japan is relatively high, so the research on this disease has been carried out. Since the new fiscal year and new school year in Japan begin in April, the newcomers work or study hard after they enter the school or company. After a month, they immediately experience a week-long golden week holiday in Japan at the end of April and the beginning of May. After the holiday, the original enthusiasm has disappeared, but the original goal can not be achieved immediately because of the gap between the ideal expectation and reality, There are also emotional problems of boredom and fatigue caused by the failure of interpersonal relationship to reach the predetermined state.

depression, anxiety, loss of interest, lack of energy, pessimism and disappointment, and low self-evaluation are common symptoms of May disease. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from the general short-term bad mood. Patients with the above typical symptoms are rare. Many patients have only one or two of them, and the severity varies from person to person. Here is a simple method; If the above discomfort is serious in the morning and partially relieved in the afternoon or evening, then you are more likely to suffer from May disease.

What are the characteristics of the source of May disease

He is depressed, distressed, and indifferent. I feel pessimistic and hopeless. I feel miserable. I feel that life is not like death. It is often used to describe his inner experience of being meaningless and unhappy. The typical person has the depressive mood, day heavy night light characteristic. It often coexists with anxiety.

Active activities are significantly reduced, life is passive, do not want to participate in activities of interest to the outside world, often alone. Life is lazy and develops into silence, which can reach the degree of numbness. The most dangerous is repeated suicide attempts and behaviors.

Most depressive patients have physical and other biological symptoms, such as palpitations, chest tightness, gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, loss of appetite and weight loss. Sleep disorders are prominent, most of them are difficult to fall asleep.

How to improve may disease

Depression is caused by inflammation of the brain. And inflammation in the brain is actually related to food. Leading to encephalitis is the culprit of sugar, so to vent their mood and eat sweets will have a bad effect. It is suggested to eat more green and yellow vegetables, because these vegetables help to protect brain cells.

Tourism can change a person's state. Sometimes traveling is not only to relax and play, but also to adjust one's inner state. After the appearance of May disease, traveling outside can relieve a lot of your illness, because when you travel, you won't think about something that bothers you or do something very difficult. You can enjoy yourself in the process.

More exercise is very good for your body, and it can also improve your resistance. More exercise can relieve some symptoms of May disease, because may is just in the spring and summer when we communicate. It is said that we are sleepy in spring and lack in autumn. In fact, it is in this may when we don't have much exercise. As long as we exercise more, our physical quality improves, and the whole person will feel much more energetic.