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How to transfer social security after resignation? Is the pension received at the last place of work

Now it's very common to change jobs across provinces. How to transfer social security across provinces has become a hot topic recently. So how to transfer social security after resigning? Does the pension come from the last place of work? What is the procedure? Today, takes you to understand.

Do you have to transfer social security when you change your job?

According to the national regulations, men over 50 years old, women over 40 years old, change city work, can not establish social security accounts in the new city, can only establish temporary accounts, originally paid social security can not be transferred to the new city. So, don't think that if you want to change your city job, you must transfer your social security to a new city. First of all, you must determine which city you want to retire from. Secondly, consider your age. Social security is not something you can transfer if you want to.

In the transfer of "five insurances and one fund", only endowment insurance, medical insurance and provident fund have changed. Because the work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance belong to the type of insurance paid in the current period and enjoyed in the current period, there is no problem of transfer, and the work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance do not need the employees to pay their own fees, so if the work-related injury and maternity insurance occur, the unit does not pay the two social security to the employees, the employees can not enjoy the treatment paid by the social security fund.

In the five insurances, only endowment insurance can be renewed in the same account. The Social Security Bureau of the new city needs a letter of acceptance for the transfer of endowment insurance. After this letter is sent to the Social Security Bureau of the new city, the Social Security Bureau of the former city will transfer the amount of endowment insurance into the account of the new city.

After leaving the company, the handling of the five insurances and one fund and the files of the employees are usually as follows. There are differences in the actual situation in different parts of the country, which should be subject to the local conditions. The parties concerned should consult the local authorities

1. Transfer procedure of endowment insurance

The Interim Measures for the transfer and continuation of the basic endowment insurance relationship of urban enterprise employees stipulates that the endowment insurance adopts the 'double transfer' mode, and the transfer procedures are as follows:

One is to print the payment voucher of basic endowment insurance to the local social security agency by carrying the relevant certification materials, including the resident ID card of the insured, the certificate of termination of labor relations, and the household register;

The second is to take all these procedures, fill in the transfer and continuation application form, and put forward the transfer application to the social security institution of the transfer place. After that, there will be no need to worry about other matters. The social departments of the new and old places will deal with the transfer. As long as the audit is passed, the insured will receive the notice from the social security department to complete the transfer in 45 working days.

2. The medical insurance account can be transferred with the person.

According to the Ministry of human resources and social security issued the Interim Measures for the transfer and continuation of the basic medical security relationship of migrant workers, starting from July 1, 2010, migrant workers can transfer their medical insurance relationship when they are employed across provinces, and their personal accounts can be transferred along with the transfer.

According to the provisions of the interim measures, when workers leave their jobs and go to new cities for employment, they can join the local basic medical insurance for urban workers. The social security agency of the new place of employment will inform the social security agency of the original place of employment to handle the transfer procedures, and the workers will no longer enjoy the basic medical insurance benefits of the original place of employment. The original place of employment will issue the insurance certificate for future reference while suspending the insurance procedures. Meanwhile, the balance of individual account is transferred through insurance agency. This means that as long as you provide enough real insurance information when you enroll in medical insurance in your new employment place, you don't have to worry about all the medical insurance relationship transfer.

3. Industrial injury and maternity insurance

These two kinds of insurance belong to the insurance type of 'current payment and current enjoyment', and there is no problem of transfer.

4. Unemployment insurance transfer

According to the regulations on unemployment insurance, if the urban enterprises and institutions transfer across the overall planning areas, and the unemployed flow across the overall planning areas, the unemployment insurance relationship will be transferred accordingly. If it is necessary to go through the formalities, if the employees move in or out of the province, they should go to the agency that accepts the unemployment insurance business of their original unit to go through the formalities of transferring the unemployment insurance relationship. The agency shall issue a certificate of employees' participation in insurance and payment, which shall be used by the employees to continue the unemployment insurance relationship in the unemployment insurance agency of the place where they move in without transferring funds.

During the period of receiving unemployment insurance benefits, if the unemployed are transferred across the overall planning areas in the province, the agency of the place where they move out shall issue a certificate. The unemployed shall go to the agency of the place where they move in to continue the unemployment insurance relationship with the certificate and the employee unemployment Insurance Manual, and receive unemployment insurance benefits according to the standards of the place where they move in, without transferring funds. If the unemployed move across provinces, the agency of the place where they move out shall issue a certificate and transfer the required funds. The unemployed shall go to the agency of the place where they move in to continue the unemployment insurance relationship on the strength of the certificate and fund transfer procedures.

4. Provident fund purchase in other places can only be withdrawn at one time

According to the regulations, if an individual works in other places, if his work unit in other places has established a housing provident fund account for him, then he can transfer all the amount in the housing provident fund account of his original residence to the housing provident fund account in other places. When handling, the employee needs to provide the receiving certificate of the transfer in unit, the certificate of establishing the housing provident fund in the transfer in place, the transferred bank account number, the name of the account opening bank, the copy of the employee's ID card and other relevant materials to the original unit in the original residence, and apply to the account opening management department through the housing provident fund agent of the original unit.

According to Article 50 of the labor contract law, the employer should handle social security and file transfer within 15 days. If the party concerned does not have a new unit for the time being, he may temporarily attach himself to the original unit.

Due to regional differences, different provinces and cities will be different, please consult the local social security bureau and provident fund management center, subject to the official reply.

Having worked in so many cities, will the pension be received in the last place?

How many workers have paid two years from one factory to another, and when they get old, they go home with nothing. If you have worked in many cities, please make sure that you have paid for 10 years in one of them!

Generally, the old-age pension will be paid for 15 years. Only when the retirement age is reached can the old-age pension be enjoyed for life. After the implementation of the extension of retirement, the old-age pension can be received only at the age of 65.

What bothers migrant workers most is the place where they receive their pension, because the calculation of pension is not only related to the balance of individual pension account, but also related to the average wage of social security in the place where they receive their pension. For example, in 2015, the average social wage in Beijing was 7086 yuan and that in Tianjin was 4944 yuan. Under the same conditions, you get more pension in Beijing than in Tianjin!

It is stipulated by the state that the payment must be received in areas where the accumulated payment has been completed for 10 years. The career orientation and life pursuit of young people who have just graduated are not stable, and they are not sure which city they will stay in. Therefore, it is unrealistic for young people to pay 10 years old-age insurance in a region. Five social insurance and one housing fund buddy, I registered a small partner in Hebei. Registered residence in Beijing, worked in Hebei for 8 years, and worked in the Tianjin for 7 years. When I retired, the accumulated pension insurance was 10 years less. Finally, I could only return to registered residence in Hebei for pension payment, and I was able to get a few pensions in the past decade, and only a small sum of money was received at the end.