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What does Xiao Jingteng mean by "rain girl without melon"? The origin and source of Yunv wugua

Recently, a new stem "rain girl without melon" appeared on the Internet. Many netizens don't know what it means. Xiao Jingteng also because of this stem on the hot search, so the rain girl without melon is a what stem? Follow Xiaobian to understand it!

Xiao Jingteng: rain girl without melon

Many netizens think that rain girl without melon means no melon to eat and nothing to happen. In fact, it's not like this! " Rain girl without melon is actually a homophonic stem, which means it has nothing to do with you. I don't know if you have such a feeling. If it has nothing to do with you directly, it will make people feel very indifferent, and it can't avoid making people feel very embarrassed. However, the saying of rain girl without melon will make people feel very funny, And this answer to others will not make people feel very embarrassed, and the proliferation of all kinds of expression pack also makes people feel very funny, so many people will use back to accept or ridicule others!

But many netizens are very confused, what is the relationship between this stem and Xiao Jingteng? In fact, this is from the title of Xiao Jingteng rain god! Before Xiao Jingteng held a concert, where it rained, even if the sky was clear, as long as Xiao Jingteng held a concert, it would rain inexplicably ~ even our China Meteorological Bureau paid attention to Xiao Jingteng's microblog, which was really powerful ~ some netizens teased Xiao Jingteng.

Where is the source of rain girl without melon?

In fact, this is a film and television work from our childhood "Balala little magic fairy" ~ netizens who have seen this TV play have a deep impression on the prince of amusement in it. Because his beloved has been cut by poisonous grass, and his mother is not willing to give antidote, the prince of amusement left Magic Castle, wearing a pair of decorative masks all the time, giving people a very cold feeling! " It has nothing to do with you is the most common sentence of Prince amusement. But because of the accent problem, the actor's pronunciation of Prince amusement is not very standard, with a little dialect feeling. It sounds like 'rain girl has no melon'! So many netizens used to tease, but also made a variety of expression pack, is really very funny!

Have to say. Besides Xiao Jingteng's "rain girl without melon", there are also Bai Jingting and Wang Jiaer's "white handed Qijia" and Bai Jingting and Wang Jiaer will shout when they meet. Why? Because Bai Jia contends~