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Can I wear new clothes without washing them? Is it OK not to wash new clothes

You don't need to wash it, but it is harmful to your health. New clothes and baby's clothes must be washed before you can wear them. General clothes are best washed before wearing. You don't have to wash expensive coats first, but it's necessary to wash new clothes first and then wear them.

Can you wear new clothes without washing them

1. Close fitting clothes

There is nothing to say about washing and then wearing the close fitting clothes. Some people may be about to say: this brand-new package has not been opened for others to wear. Why do you want to wash it again? Isn't that unnecessary? In fact, no matter what kind of clothes are produced in the factory, they will go through the hands of many people. From proofing to tailoring to sewing to thread cutting, I don't know how many people have to process a garment. In this process, not everyone's hands are clean, so it is inevitable that the clothes produced will not be clean.

2. Baby clothes

I'm not responsible for myself, but I must be responsible for the baby. Remember that the baby's clothes must be cleaned before wearing. Because the baby's skin is very delicate and needs special care. If you clean your clothes before you put them on, it will be safer and not easy to get sick.

Can I buy new clothes without washing

3. General clothing

Many people don't have the habit of cleaning after they buy new clothes. They like to wear them directly. In fact, this practice has great health risks! Even ordinary clothes have to be washed first. Whether you buy new clothes from shopping malls or online, don't be confused by the clean appearance. Whether the clean things with naked eyes are actually clean or not will be a big question mark! For example, the clothes in the mall will be touched and tried on by many people. Even if they are taken out of the warehouse, they will inevitably be contaminated by such things as Xiaoqiang. Let alone the clothes on the Internet, it is not known whether they were worn and returned. So it's the healthiest way for us to wash and wear again.

4. More expensive clothes

For example, the more expensive coat is the only one that can be worn without washing. Firstly, the coat is expensive, and the workmanship must be very meticulous. Secondly, it costs a lot of money to wash it. However, for the sake of health, if possible, you can wash it first and then wear it. If you have no conditions, you can expose your clothes to the sun.