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What is the rate of cesarean section in 2018? This year will actively promote labor analgesia

What is the rate of cesarean section in 2018? This year will actively promote labor analgesia! On the 27th, the National Health Commission issued the "report on the development of maternal and child health in China" (2019). Data show that in 2018, the national maternal mortality rate dropped to 18. The infant mortality rate dropped to 6. 1‰, The life expectancy of Chinese women is 79. Four years old. In addition, in 2018, the cesarean section rate was 36. 7%。

As for the cesarean section rate, Qin Geng, director of the Department of women and children of the National Health Commission, said that cesarean section is an appropriate clinical technique in obstetrics and gynecology. For pregnant women with some indications, cesarean section should be given in time to ensure the safety of mother and child.

Some time ago, in view of social, personal and other factors, there may be unreasonable increase in cesarean section rate in some areas and institutions. In response, Qin Geng said that he would take relevant measures to solve the above problems

1、 Strictly follow the law of medicine, strictly control the indications of cesarean section, what should be done and what should not be done, communicate and negotiate as much as possible.

2、 Strengthen the internal management of the hospital. Strengthen the management of cesarean section and normal delivery, at the same time, increase midwifery services as much as possible, so that more pregnant women can have normal natural delivery. Now also pay attention to accompany delivery, Doula delivery, so that pregnant women can safely and safely get normal delivery, which is also one of the processes to reduce cesarean section.

3、 In some places, it is said that the price problem will lead to an increase. We also continue to adjust the price of clinical technical services, promote the price of natural childbirth, and form a joint force to control the rate of non-medical cesarean section.