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How to distinguish true from false? Identification of true and false YSL

Ladies who like YSL, Saint Laurent know that besides the lipstick, air cushion and YSL perfume, Saint Laurent is the most popular one. YSL is the most popular perfume in Paris. YSL reversal Paris perfume is a dazzling perfume, with modern fragrance. It is an interpretation of love, freedom, dedication and strong feelings. But there are many real and false YSL reversals in Paris. So, how to identify the true and false? The following identification method to understand.

Look at the color

YSL, which is made of natural spices, reverses Paris perfume. Its original color is mostly amber or brown. It looks very much like a gemstone. High quality perfume is usually clear, clear and clear liquid. The genuine YSL reversed the natural color of Paris perfume. It does not change color for 24 hours at 30 degrees Celsius. But there are individual perfume exceptions, even in a sealed bottle, it will turn brown. This is because after the evaporation of alcohol, the color of YSL inversion Paris perfume will become thicker.

Look at the packaging

The perfume that appeals to women's smell depends on attractive visual images to attract women. For volatile YSL inversion of Paris perfume, exquisite packaging is one of the factors that measure the quality of YSL inversion of Paris perfume. Therefore, in distinguishing YSL from the true and false quality of Paris perfume, we should pay special attention to the sealing condition of YSL inversion of Paris perfume bottle, whether there is a tight gap between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap, otherwise it will easily lead to the volatilization and volatilization of alcohol.

About YSL reversal of genuine goods at a fair price in Paris, the above is simply a look at the color and packaging of YSL's inverted Paris perfume. It is recommended that more screening be made and the choice of genuine YSL to reverse Paris perfume is better.