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How to keep flowers for a long time? How to prolong the storage time of roses

Beautiful flowers are very popular with girls. Whether it's a gift or daily home decoration, the presence of flowers will make the atmosphere of the home different. But flowers always have a shelf life, will soon wither, so how to extend the life of flowers? Use these methods to make the beauty last longer.

How to keep flowers

1. Sugar

White sugar is not only a seasoning in our life, but also a good choice to prolong the flowering period. A small amount of sugar can be added into the water in the vase, which can not only prolong the shelf life of the flowers, make them not easy to wither, but also promote the bud that has not fully opened before.

2. Tea

After drinking tea for most of my life, I didn't expect that tea could also prolong the flowering period. If you don't want the roses to wither too early, use tea instead of water to raise the roses. Another advantage of soaking roses in tea is that it can add the fragrance of roses, and you can obviously feel the fragrance of flowers in the air. If the concentration of tea is higher, the effect is more obvious.

How to prolong the storage time of roses

3. Fresh keeping agent for fresh flowers

With the development of science and technology, it's impossible to prolong the life of roses

Easy, there is a kind of thing called fresh flower preservative, which is a secret formula after professional configuration. Generally, it can effectively prolong the flowering period by 2 ~ 3 times, which is very effective. It is sold in flower shops and online.

4. Beer

I believe that many girls received roses on 520 that day. Now I'm afraid they all want to keep them. If you want to keep your roses longer, you might as well add some beer in the vase with flowers. Beer contains an active enzyme, which is transformed from wheat germ and is very beneficial to prolong the life of fresh flowers. The fresh-keeping period of fresh flowers can be successfully extended for several days.